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GDSN® Initiative

Set up your new items with AmerisourceBergen through 1WorldSync.

AmerisourceBergen (ABC) suppliers are now utilizing the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to provide product content for setting up new items in ABC’s item catalog.

Our goal is to speed up the item setup process in the ABCSetUp portal and to improve overall product content quality and completeness.

Suppliers who are required to set up new items in the ABCSetUp portal must follow the steps below:

ABCSetUp Portal – Item Setup Process

Key Points:

  • Your company’s ABC sales rep should already have access to ABCSetUp. You can request additional user access at
  • It’s important that your GDSN and sales teams work together to ensure efficient item setup at ABC.
  • Need help? Contact 1WorldSync at
  • Leveraging your GDSN content will save you time and reduce errors in your item data!

Data Sync Contacts:
1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

ABC SetUp Support Team

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