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Advantage Waypoint is a fully integrated, independent, national foodservice sales brokerage with a clear mission to serve the foodservice market in all areas. Advantage Waypoint aims to create value for its clients and drive measurable results by aligning with the industry, maintaining consistency across the country and speed to market.

In 2013, Advantage Waypoint adopted the GS1 standards and successfully implemented data synchronization for receiving product information via Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Advantage Waypoint is currently synchronizing product information with their key clients and is now ready to receive item data from our entire client community. They are requesting their clients’ support and participation in this important initiative to help them serve you better. Advantage Waypoint have partnered with 1WorldSync for data pool services. 1Worldsync will be contacting many of you on our behalf throughout the course of 2014 to provide you with any information or support for this request.

Please visit the links on this page to learn more about the GDSN process with Advantage Waypoint.

Advantage Waypoint