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Alaskan Sales is a wholesaler and shipping service company serving retailers and other organizations in rural Alaska.

Our goal is to serve the needs of the local community and improve the life of rural Alaska. To continue to do this effectively, we require accurate and complete product data from suppliers. Alaskan Sales is now in GDSN and seeking your support in synchronizing your item data for products sold and distributed to the local retailers in rural Alaska region.

Note Alaskan Sales production GLN is 1200109974021

Additional information on how to publish your product content to Alaskan Sales can be found in the Implementation Guide

Supplier Resources

We’ve developed the documentation materials available on this page, in addition to the support resources listed below:

  • 1WorldSync Help Desk – If you or anyone from your team needs assistance with publishing your items you can contact the 1WorldSync Help Desk team at 1-866-280-4013 (Option #2) or
  • 1WorldSync Community – Platform for education, post questions, interactive support, peer-to-peer collaboration and technology updates.
Alaskan Sales Trading Partner Form

Data Synchronization Contact Information