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Who we are.

We know that time is precious – so Buyk can take care of the shopping for our customers, while they focus on other activities.

Buyk is a new real-time retail service that aims to deliver groceries within 15 minutes or less. Via the Buyk mobile app, customers can simply select items from our assortment, click to order, and we do the rest – with the order arriving to the customer’s doorstep in 15 minutes or less.

Buyk is much more than a well-oiled, genius logistical system. Behind the curtain, a multimillion-dollar software system, combined with artificial intelligence and a meticulously selected product assortment provides for a streamlined shopping experience, eliminating time-consuming browsing through irrelevant items.

How does it work?

Buyk uses stores, stocked with between 2000-3000 items to deliver groceries and other essentials to customer’s doors within 15 minutes. Stores are strategically located to enable maximum coverage in the quickest possible time, and are fitted out with Buyk’s proprietary technology to optimize the speed of order picking and delivery. Buyk’s technology also provides its teams with detailed information on a hyperlocal level, to ensure each store is stocked accordingly to the specific needs and desires of our consumers in each particular regional area that we service.

Our mission.

To give our customers back the one thing that is truly valued – their time. Buyk aims to make real-time retail a reality.

Item Data – GDSN Request

We are asking supplier partners to share your product content data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). As we continue to increase our inventory and expand across various U.S. markets, we would like to share consistent, accurate, brand-verified item data with consumers.

Why participate?

By participating, your brand-verified product data can be shared through our app so that consumers can make consistent shopping decisions on products that they know and love. This will be especially beneficial among the pandemic supply and demand needs, and as many consumers are seeking convenient product alternatives

We have launched successfully in Russia, and most recently in the U.S. New York metro market. We have many more markets coming soon! Connect with our team to learn more about partnerships or item sourcing.

How to Participate:

We are asking suppliers to take the following steps:
1. Fill out and submit the Buyk Trading Partner Form on this page. Upon subscribing to your GLN Buyk will email an item list.
2. Review the Buyk Implementation Guide and Attribute Requirements in the documents section
3. Publish your GDSN product content to the Buyk GLN: 0860007096006

Data Sync Contacts:

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013