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GDSN® Initiative

GE Appliances’ market leadership has brought the Internet of Things to the kitchen. “Scan to Cook” technology enables GE Appliances to pre-heat and cook by scanning a product’s barcode. Leveraging product content and cooking instructions, published via 1WorldSync, GE Appliances’ Smart Appliances is setting a new standard for quality and innovation.

This technology allows consumers to more easily manage meals with ease.  From finding recipes to the finishing touches when you link these apps with our WiFi connected kitchen appliances.  There is no waiting around while your oven preheats or watching your microwave for the perfect moment to remove. With “Scan to Cook” your food cooks automatically at optimum temperature and proper preparation every time.

Accurate and complete product information sent through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) enables this process.  GE Appliances needs your product content to ensure that your products can be included in this exciting new use of home technology.

GE Appliances has partnered with 1WorldSync as our GDSN-certified data pool of choice, to implement our product information initiatives.

Please get started today by discovering more about GE Appliances product information requirements through the materials on this page and complete our Trading Partner Form located below!

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