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Transform your existing marketing assets into powerful digital merchandising tools on

Highly visible brand content for mobile and desktop experiences.


The Home Depot Exclusive Offering:

  • Prominent Placement
  • Feature Icons
  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Videos
  • Image Zoom
  • 360° Product Views
  • Expert Reviews
  • Detailed Reporting

Extend the reach of your current digital brand assets by incorporating them into The Home Depot’s product pages.

Leverage our interactive hotspot functionality to show how individual products fit into a complete solution

  • Showcase related products
  • Visualize real use
  • Encourage add-on sales

Your Choice: Self-Service or Concierge Content Service.

Our standard offering includes access to our Brand Content Portal for you to easily self-serve and build out the rich content experience you prefer. If you are short on time and resources, we can create rich content for you via our Concierge Content Service. We’ll take your creative assets and turn them into captivating interactive experiences to drive sales on Your choice. We’re happy to help.

The 1WorldSync Content Solutions’ Advantage

  • Interactive customer engagement
  • Responsive design
  • Fast turn-around
  • Real-time editor

20+ years as the global leader in product content managed services.

We help brands deliver complete, accurate, compliant product content when and where it matters.


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