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Take control of the quality and accuracy of your product on

Share and syndicate above and below-the-fold rich product information with Target through a single connection.


1WorldSync Item Management API connection with Target enables brand owners to:

  • Share product information for new and existing items
  • Not having to top off any required Target specific attributes on additional systems
  • Once legalized*, send product information updates directly to 

*Target authorizes brand owner to share product content via a specific content service provider.

Syndicated Rich Content for Target includes the following features:

Eables brand owners to put below-the-fold content on This content helps in engaging and inspiring customers to make purchase decisions against your competitor’s products.

Videos, lifestyle imagery, hotspots calling out key features, documentation, and 360 spins are some examples of below-the-fold content.

Get started today with your existing products on and enrich your product listing to enhance customer shopping experience. 

  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Image Zoom
  • Videos
  • 360° Product Views
  • Detailed Reporting hero

Drive sales by displaying lifestyle imagery with multiple products.

  • Showcase related products
  • Visualize real use
  • Encourage add-on sales

Choose Self-Service or use 1WorldSync’s Concierge Content Service.

Our standard offering includes access to our Brand Content Portal for you to easily self-serve and build out the syndicated rich content experience you prefer.

If you are short on time and resources, we can create rich content for you via our Concierge Content Service. We’ll take your creative assets and turn them into captivating interactive experiences to drive sales on Your choice. We’re happy to help.

Affordable, web-ready product images

1WorldSync Image Capture Service, generates high-quality, complete product images. Features include:

  • Shots compliant with GS1 U.S. Standards Initiative
  • 360-degree spinset, multiple static images, to create a fluid interaction and spinning appearance, like a flipbook
  • Weights and dimensions data capture
  • Data collection for product height, width and depth
  • Mass uploading of product data, including images
  • Images formatted, uploaded and delivered to 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

One partner. One complete solution.

Structured Content

  • Product Title
  • Premium SEO Product Descriptions
  • Product Imagery and Specifications

Syndicated Rich Inline Content

  • Interactive Hotspot Imagery
  • Image Zoom and 360° Product Views
  • Videos
  • Detailed Reporting

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