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GDSN® Initiative

Sears Holdings is committed to utilizing data synchronization for item setup, and has partnered with 1WorldSync as its Global Data Synchronization Network™(GDSN®)-certified data pool. Data Synchronization allows Sears Holdings to further improve item setup efficiencies by decreasing the time spent and resources needed to set up new items in I.M.A. (Item Maintenance Application). To synchronize item data with Sears Holdings, vendors must either utilize a data catalog or GDSN ® data pool. Sears Holdings is currently requiring data synchronization for all vendors.

Sears Holdings is now accepting updates to existing items in addition to new items. Additionally, Sears Holdings Corporation is excited to announce that Initial Load publications will now be accepted. For additional information about this initiative, please review the additional materials on the left navigation.

How to Achieve Data Synchronization with Sears Holdings via GDSN®?

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