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About Surgical Order

Here at Surgical Order (SOx), we believe that surgical logistics should operate as professionally, precisely and efficiently as the surgery itself. We are modernizing surgical logistics, revamping the way we retrieve data by partnering with 1WorldSync to access the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Native barcode and 3D data matrix scanning removes the need for paper-based systems in theatre, avoiding human error and providing real-time updates for all user-bases.

SOx is a connected and encrypted ecosystem, acting as a hub for hospitals, practices and suppliers to interact within their given surgical space. Ahead of the surgery date, SOx live virtual inventory enables surgeons to check if their desired prosthesis has arrived at the hospital, and their practices can rest easily knowing the orders will be handled and ready for the theatre date. Nurses can address what is important in the present, with peace of mind that the lists for future weeks are ready and reserved within SOx.

Live updates and instant notifications offer the supplier the option to generate an invoice for the hospital to reconcile in real-time, for same-day billing. We are reducing the work for all 3 parties involved so that they can focus on the bigger picture while we concentrate on ensuring a seamless logistics experience. Here at SOx, we are focused on working with 1WorldSync to access the Global Data Synchronization Network and pioneer a new era for surgical logistics.

SOx GDSN Initiative

Native Barcode and Data Matrix scanning (NBDMS) is crucial to the SOx platform and mission. NBDMS, at its core, is made possible by GS1 Australia and the supplier providing the relevant information for their products. By partnering with 1WoldSync, SOx can confidently assure the currency and accuracy of the product data; perfectly mirroring the Australian Prosthesis Market. Suppliers will be able to perform real-time updates to the inflow of product data that we receive from the GDSN. SOx has established that the GDSN is the most efficient, and is our preferred method for acquiring item content.