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GDSN® Initiative

In a digital retail environment, the quality of our item data is more important than ever. That is one of the major reasons Target’s preferred method of receiving item data is the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).

Our research shows that item data supplied to Target via the GDSN is significantly more accurate than data manually entered into our Item Management system.

It is our expectation that Target suppliers with GDSN capability participate in the GDSN with Target. We have already connected with over 1,700 suppliers – including many of the leading suppliers in all our product categories.

Suppliers can leverage the GDSN® for both new item introduction and item maintenance with Target. Suppliers that leverage our GDS new item introduction process can save significant time and manual effort. Roughly half of the attributes that Target requires for new items can be supplied via GDS.

Target is partnering with 1WorldSync® to leverage the benefits of the GDSN. Please visit the links on this page to learn more about the GDS process with Target.

Data Quality Initiative

To meet the needs of our guests who expect a seamless, omnichannel experience from Target, we have significantly elevated the importance of accurate and complete item data. It is critical that our product information accurately describes the product guests search, browse and buy.  Errors in item data cannot be tolerated.

The Item Data Vendor Certification Program was developed to drive awareness of data accuracy and provide clarity on our data expectations.

How does the Item Data Vendor Certification Program work?

  • We select trading partners in product categories to audit for product data accuracy.
  • Target will complete product audits on current Target items.
  • Target will perform an audit of a sample of trading partner’s products in the category. (A trading partner may cross multiple categories).
  • The audit is based on the GS1 National Data Quality program which was established through the work of 179 participating suppliers along with retailers. Target has made some modifications based on product data deemed critical.

How does a vendor get certified?

  • If a trading partner passes the audit with 90% or greater accuracy for physical product data, a trading partner is considered “certified” by Target.
  • Certification lasts for three (3) years with only yearly interim audits on new and top selling items. Failures in connection with these yearly interim audits could lead to compliance charges being assessed.
  • If a trading partner fails to score 90% or greater on the physical product data audit, the trading partner will have at least 120 days to review and update its item data before another audit will take place.
  • Results of an audit will be communicated to the trading partner at the end of the audit.

Is there a penalty for failing an audit?

  • Target conducts a trading partner’s first audit within a product category at no chargeTarget expects trading partners to use the results of the first audit to fix item data issues. For many trading partners, first audits were conducted between July 2015 and May 2016.
  • If a trading partner fails a second audit within a product category, the trading partner will be assessed a $5,000 compliance charge.
  • If a trading partner fails a third audit within a product category, the trading partner will be assessed a $7,500 compliance charge.
  • If a trading partner fails a fourth (and beyond) audit within a product category, the trading partner will be assessed a $10,000 compliance charge.

Examples of Attributes Validated

BrandNet Content UOMColorBarcode
LicenseMerch Type AttributesSize 

Things to Know

  1. The Partners Online Admin(s) for the trading partner will receive the scorecard following the physical product data audit and must forward the scorecard to those within their organization responsible for accurate item data.
  2. The inaccurate physical product data will be corrected by Target.

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