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Who We Are

Wakefern is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States, comprising 50 member companies who independently own and operate 354 retail supermarkets under the ShopRite, Price Rite, The Fresh Grocer and Dearborn Market banners. Our mission is to help small businesses succeed in a big business world.

Wakefern is committed to providing entrepreneurs and independent retailers with the necessary tools to succeed in a competitive market. This goal is especially vital to the independent grocer today as it becomes increasingly difficult to compete with multi-national chains. Wakefern operates its wholesale business with integrity, focusing on and consistently meeting the unique needs of its retail customers. From produce to frozen foods, from meats to dairy, Wakefern is continuously scaling its business and emphasizing teamwork in order to provide outstanding services that enable its wholesale customers to deliver constant value at the store level. Wakefern’s roots as an innovative retail cooperative endure today as the company deploys new technologies and processes to stay a step ahead in the marketplace.

In this spirit, we believe working together with our suppliers and distributors to synchronize 100 percent of their product data will help us deliver products, services and solutions to our customers while maximizing our supply chain efficiencies and streamlining our item process.

GDSN® Initiative

Wakefern has incorporated the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) to synchronize product information. The GDSN® uses global industry standards to ensure the most efficient and effective exchange of product information between trading partners. This process requires you to synchronize your product information via GDSN®.

To learn about synchronizing your product data via GDSN®, all Wakefern vendors are asked to review the materials available on this page, including the item attributes Wakefern requires for new item setup. With the adoption of this standard, the entire trading community can realize the many benefits of the GDSN®:

  • Provide our customers with complete and accurate product information they need to make informed buying decisions for their family
  • Improve supply chain logistics
  • Create more accurate purchase orders and improved invoice matching
  • Produce better replenishment and in-stock levels

Role of 1WorldSync

The Global Data Synchronization Network™ employs interoperable data pools, certified by GS1, to enable the communication of data between trading partners. Wakefern has partnered with 1WorldSync® to support our GDSN® process.

Learn more about the Global Data Synchronization Network™ at

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

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