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Empower Your Supplier Community with Recipient Spaces

Build your very own supplier content hub on the 1WorldSync Community Platform.

Inform, engage & grow your supplier community.

What is a Recipient Space?

A Recipient Space offers product content recipients a modern, customizable and fully supported space within the 1WorldSync community platform dedicated to topics unique to their communities.

Why will Recipient Spaces help my suppliers?

Recipient Spaces is a quite simply a better solution than long-form documentation because it puts your supplier needs first. By easily centralizing recipient content and FAQs, your suppliers will have a single hub for searching for answers to common questions, posting new questions unique to your requirements, and providing you with helpful feedback.

How do I build and manage my Recipient Space?

1WorldSync’s community engagement experts will guide you through the creation and customization of your space within our platform. Once implemented, you can subscribe to your space for notification on any updates, questions or changes to your page.  You can also communicate directly with customers via the forums. 

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