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1WorldSync Data Sync Direct


Aggregate, Validate and Communicate

Compliance with GS1 Standards ensures that product data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and follows universally supported specifications. However, to be confident in product attribution requires organizations to have streamlined systems to Aggregate, Validate and Communicate product information. Not meeting these challenges can lead to inefficiencies among trading partners, an inconsistent web presence, retailer/regulatory fines and consumer harm – all of which damage your brand and bottom line.


Data Sync Direct is built upon a Business Process Integration Engine (BPI). This BPI provides the ability for your organization to:

  • Integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) existing systems (SAP, Infor, Oracle, Digital Asset Management, etc.)
  • Aggregate in the format of your choice (XML, flat file, CSV, etc.) via your internal best practices methodology (EAI, Middleware, Web Services, etc).

Once submitted, Data Sync Direct will aggregate these product attributes into the system to provide a single location for disparate information.


Compliance with GS1 Standards ensures product data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and follows universally supported standards regardless of region or product category. Data Sync Direct has the entire set of GS1 rules embedded within the solution to ensure your aggregated data passes the GS1 Standards before submitting via the GDSN or sharing this information outside of the GDSN.

While GS1 Standards are important, so are your internal rules and policies. Data Sync Direct includes a browser-based administrative facility to expand the business rules to meet your internal specifications.

Data Sync Direct has a conditional workflow engine that will alert the right person or group if an attribute is incomplete or doesn’t pass specifications to ensure the product is updated within Data Sync Direct or in the original source system. As many of these changes are time-sensitive, each step in the workflow process has a latency monitor associated with the action to ensure timely responses.


The Data Sync Business Process Integration Engine seamlessly communicates your data in the proper format to your trading partners. The system provides the ability to publish to a single entity or update your entire trading partner community at one time with the format of their choice being generated.