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Product Discovery That Simplifies Your Sourcing

Accelerate your sales with a compelling product assortment for consumers while improving speed-to-shelf both in-store and online.

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Build, distribute and communicate a compelling product assortment

Discover new products

Product Discovery simplifies searching for new products to add to your assortment.

A trusted view of your products

View detailed product information, including supplier-verified images and e-commerce content.

Streamline product setup

Communicate requirements directly to your suppliers on your item fulfillment methods.

Connect directly with suppliers

Automated notifications inform suppliers of your purchasing decisions and provide next steps for sourcing.

Product Discovery simplifies searching for new products, and showcases new products to your trading partners through a seamless and trusted channel.

Brand, manufacturer + supplier benefits:

  • Expose your entire product assortment for your trading partners to inform purchase decisions.
  • Understand recipient requirements to ensure your content is provided in the proper format the first time.

Retailer, wholesaler + distributor benefits:

  • Search for new products to add to your online or in-store assortments.
  • Connect directly with suppliers to request samples or attribute requirements.
  • Advanced search capabilities allow you to save searches and items for later review.
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Discover new products

Discovery Catalog simplifies product discovery through advanced search capabilities that support your organization’s custom product categorization — not someone else’s view of organizing products. The product information not only provides images and marketing content, but also the details needed to make informed buying decisions.

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Connect with suppliers

Have questions or want a product sample? Quickly connect with the right person to get what you need. Automated notifications inform suppliers of your decision and clearly communicate next steps for sourcing. This includes your intended fulfillment method, whether it’s in stores, drop-ship or through a fulfillment center.

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Streamline product setup

Enhance speed-to-shelf by situating the supplier’s discovery effort as the foundation for full item setup. Your supplier will know what relevant additional data you require, such as e-commerce, logistical, hazardous and regulatory data depending on the item’s fulfillment method.

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Ensure product content quality

Consumers expect rich and trusted product content on all channels—from desktops to mobile phones and tablets. Accurate, rich and timely product content is critical in the path to purchase from discovery to delight.

With Product Discovery, content providers and recipients have peace of mind that product content is brand verified and meets organizational requirements.