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ContentCast – Logo Service


Last Updated: December, 2021

1WorldSync’s ContentCast – Logo Service is designed for Client to promote new technology and brand compatibility for ContentCast Recipients within 1WorldSync’s ContentCast Recipient Network who have integrated 1WorldSync’s real-time JavaScript or via 1Worldsync’s API .

Once created and ready for syndication, Logo icons will be made available to ContentCast Recipients, and appear dynamically on compatible product pages on their sites with enhanced interactive content available through an expandable pop-up or lightbox hover based on parent product compatibility or qualifying attributes provided by the Client or existing product attributes in 1WorldSync’s DataSource product database.

Logo Types

There are 2 types of Logos associated with this service.

Marketing Logo

An expandable pop-up or lightbox that is shown upon interaction with the Logo Icon that may contain additional marketing information or technical information for the parent product.

Recommends Logo

Also referred to as a Cross-sell Logo Program, or Up-sell Logo Program is a Logo Service design to promote a list of compatible or recommended SKUs to supplement the parent product based on parent product attributes and cross-sell SKUs based on the retailer’s catalog. The Recommends logo program may contain product detail page links, dynamic real-time or catalog-based pricing, and Add to Cart integration depending on the Recipient’s integration and settings.

The type of Logo 1WorldSync will deliver is specified in the Order Form of the Agreement.

Display Logic

Logos will only display on ContentCast Recipient sites for products that exist in the 1WorldSync ContentCast Recipient’s catalog and published on the recipient’s site(s).

Logo Icon Display Logic

A logo icon will be displayed by rules defined by the client. Supported display methods:

  1. By matching SKU ID, GTIN or Manufacturer Part Numbers from a product list or feed provided by the Client
  2. By products that qualify based on one or more product attribute values within 1WorldSync’s DataSource product database.

The Logo Service can support one or more Logo Icons provided by the Client in the sizes defined in the Logo Asset Specifications.

Expandable Hover Display Logic

The expandable hover will be shown relative to the position of the logo icon when the end-user either hovers over the logo icon or upon clicking the logo icon, depending on the Recipient’s chosen Integration Settings.

Hover Content Supported

The hover can support HTML, images, videos and any HTML layout design that meets the Logo Asset Specifications, provided by the Client or it’s authorized 3rd party content provider.

Recommends-Specific Content Elements

The Recommends hover or Inline display can additionally support the following, when provided by the Client:

  • Product Image – image manually uploaded by the Client, or processed via from ContentCast Feed.
  • Product Description – product description as available in the Manufacturer XML feed or mutually agreed-upon source.
  • View Specifications Link – Directs the buyer to the Product View URL on the 1WorldSync Recipient site. Limited to recipients that have either provided a product catalog or have enabled the Product View URL template for their integration settings.
  • Add to Cart Button – delivers the 1WorldSync Customer site user the selected product quantity to the partners shopping cart based on recipient’s site capability, participation and integration settings.
  • Product Price – when provided either via recipient catalog or if dynamic real-time pricing has been configured for the recipient.
  • Scrollable Carousel or Media Ribbon display within the Manufacturer Cross-sell Hover.
    • Scrollable ribbon to show additional cross-sell skus, limited to a max of 10 Manufacturer accessories as provided in the client’s feed or other preconfigured lists.
    • Maximum of 4 Manufacturer accessories will be displayed at a time.
    • When 1WorldSync Customer has fewer than 2 Manufacturer accessories, the ribbon will not be displayed.
    • Clicking the item in the ribbon should load the accessory info into top main selected product; updating image, price, description etc.
  • All product images are required. If no product image exists for a Product, the Manufacturer Recommends Service will not display the product as a ‘Recommended” product. E.g. – It will be excluded from the list.

Inline Recommendations

  1. The Manufacturer Inline Recommends Injection will display the same Manufacturer cross-sell as the Manufacturer Logo Recommends Hover Window when Inline Content containers and Inline Recommends modules are both enabled or configured by the ContentCast Recipient.
  2. 1WorldSync will provide partner-specific settings to enable or disable the Inline Recommendations based on 1WorldSync customer preference or willingness to participate.
  3. These settings may be added to the 1WorldSync portal for customer’s self-service capability.

Client Responsibilities

Client is responsible for providing 1WorldSync with all the necessary up to date Client Content (including logo icons for each supported icon size, logo content that meets the Logo Service Asset and HTML tagging specifications, localized program descriptions, and qualifying parent product lists in the localized language either via Vendor Feeds or product SKU lists for 1WorldSync to provide the Services under the Order Form).

1WorldSync may alter, modify, or reformat the Client Content as necessary to perform the Service.

1WorldSync may reject Client Content that does not adhere to 1WorldSync specifications.

Client agrees and acknowledges that 1WorldSync will not be able to provide the Service unless all the necessary Client Content (including its localized version) and qualifying parent SKU list are provided to Supplier on a timely basis.

Client must also provide a list of retailers it would like 1WorldSync to engage, on-board and activate and will assist 1WorldSync with Logo Service onboarding “(Target Recipient List)”.

Client will make reasonable efforts to assist 1WorldSync with coordinating and onboarding of Target Recipients.

1WorldSync Responsibilities

1WorldSync will aggregate and prepare the logo marketing content and data available from Client within the 1WorldSync database for eligible Products within the market(s) listed on the Order Form.

Upon access to the qualifying product list provided by the Client 1WorldSync will use commercially reasonable efforts on a continuous basis to cross-reference and integrate the list of qualifying products with corresponding product data within the 1WorldSync database, which shall include manufacturer name and product identifiers.

Based on values passed within ContentCast recipients’ implementations of the real-time JavaScript code and 1WorldSync’s proprietary technologies and know-how, 1WorldSync will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver the applicable Logos.

The ContentCast – Logo Service will be provided when (i) the ContentCast – Logo Service has been activated in the Client Portal by the retailer, (ii) and available on the Permitted Usages meet the criteria of the qualifying or matching product identifiers.

The Client will have access to the ContentCast Client Portal to view available ContentCast – Logo Service reporting. 1WorldSync may make the ContentCast – Logo Service available to the 1WorldSync ContentCast Recipient Network through 1WorldSync services.

1WorldSync will use commercially reasonable efforts, but not obligated to onboard ContentCast Recipients that are not yet integrated to the ContentCast – Logo Service.

1WorldSync Review

Client acknowledges and agrees that 1WorldSync does not intend to, and will not be required to control, edit, or review the Client Content for accuracy, sufficiency or compatibility with any regulations, laws, directives, governmental guidelines. 1WorldSync will use commercially reasonable efforts to update the ContentCast – Logo Service with the Client Content based on Client submissions.


1WorldSync will provide the Client access to the ContentCast Client Portal for reporting which reflects the content and partner metrics for the duration of the Order Form. Reporting data includes, but not limited to products, recipients, markets, locales, logo performance metrics, and other additional dashboard report reviews available.

Custom reporting may be purchased for an additional fee.

Permitted Usage

1WorldSync’s ContentCast – Logo Service can be used within the scope as defined either through qualifying product lists provided by manufacturers or through qualifying attributes in the 1WorldSync database, across the markets or languages as listed in the Permitted Usage section of the Order Form.

Restrictions on the Use

Client shall use the ContentCast – Logo Service in accordance with any applicable manufacturer or governmental/regulatory entities guidelines at all times, and Client is solely responsible to obtain and abide by such guidelines.

Client shall not license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or make available to any third party content created and/or delivered as part of the ContentCast – Logo Service, the 1WorldSync Technology, or the 1WorldSync Logo reporting data in any way.

Client shall not modify or make derivative works based upon the ContentCast – Logo Service, or attempt to reverse engineer the ContentCast – Logo Service.


By using the ContentCast – Logo Service, Client agrees that 1WorldSync may use cookies, web beacons or other technologies to collect data related to an end user’s behavior on Client Permitted Usage within the Service. Client grants 1WorldSync a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, and irrevocable right and license to collect, use, create derivative works from the ContentCast – Logo Service, disclose data derived from the ContentCast – Logo Service, and to allow 1WorldSync third-party data partners to do the same. In addition, 1WorldSync may use the data provided by Client, including Brand, MPN and other attributes to create products and services as required under this Agreement. Client agrees to obtain all rights and permissions necessary, if any, including making any notifications to its users as may be necessary, for 1WorldSync and its affiliates to monitor the Permitted Usage in order to collect and use data, create reporting based on, or monitor website traffic, statistics, advertisements, “click-throughs” and/or other activities, and 1WorldSync and its affiliates may use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to compile and use anonymous statistics about Client’s users.


ContentCast support will be available to Clients five business days a week during US and EU business hours.

Client may submit support cases via the completion of a 1WS Support Form within the ContentCast Portal at by clicking on Support

ContentCast – Logo Service Termination

Upon termination of the Agreement for any reason, Client shall cease all uses of the ContentCast – Logo Services and any data, material, and/or deliverables provided under this Agreement.