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Last Updated: December, 2021

1WorldSync Product and Service Offering Glossary

3D Model 3rd Party Recipient

3rd party recipient, such as a retailer, through direct file transfer as agreed by 1WorldSync and the 3rd Party Recipient.

3D Models

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space.

Accessory and/or consumable product(s) a manufacturer produces that are specifically designed to be compatible with one or more product(s) another manufacturer produces, as opposed to Generic Accessories.


The maximum number of deliverable requests 1WorldSync will review, research, and/or send through to be created and/or delivered per business day.

Bulk Upload

The content contained within the feed will need to conform to parameters specified by 1WorldSync and may be submitted in one of the following Standard PartnerAccess Formats (“SPAF”)

  • Excel format 
  • Flat file (.csv or tab delimited text file) 
  • XML 

Catalog Based

DataSource Content delivered based on Client’s Catalog.  

Category Based

DataSource Content delivered based on Stocked SKUs 1WorldSync has available for specific product categories.


1WorldSync’s web-based application and platforms which enables sales and e-commerce automation for ChannelOnline Customers.  ChannelOnline Customers use ChannelOnline to make sourcing decisions, build quotes for their End Customers, and process orders electronically through their suppliers. 

ChannelOnline Customer

Reseller and/or managed service provider that has an active ChannelOnline subscription with 1WorldSync, and sells products and/or services to End Customers through ChannelOnline.

ChannelOnline End Customer

Entity that purchases products and/or services from a ChannelOnline Customer.

ChannelOnline Supported Supplier

Entity that provides products, inventory, pricing and/or electronic ordering to a ChannelOnline Customer through integration to the platform

ChannelSupply Client Customer

Reseller and/or managed service provider that is authorized to purchase products and/or services from Client for resale.

ChannelSupply Client Customer Pricing File

FIle provided by the Client containing item price information for use by a ChannelSupply Client Customer.  

ChannelSupply Client Data

Product, inventory, and/or pricing related information Client provides to 1WorldSync in the ChannelSupply Master Product Inventory File and ChannelSupply Client Customer Pricing File.

ChannelSupply Master Product Inventory File

FIle provided by the Client containing item detail information for use by all ChannelSupply Client Customers.  

ChannelSupply Mutual Customer

A ChannelOnline Customer who is also a ChannelSupply Client Customer.

Client Acceptance

Written indication or acknowledgement, which can be electronic, from the Client that it accepts the deliverable(s).

Client Catalog

List of products the Client sells and is requesting service deliverables for.

Client Product Content 

Product information that Manufacturer uses to identify, market, or describe its Products, including without limitation, Attributes, product part numbers, product descriptions, marketing text, specifications, HTML, graphics, media, ads, flash banners, public price catalogs, images, videos, key selling points, user manuals, marketing materials, product tours, videos, Manufacturer attribution and mark distinction including logos, and other sales and marketing material and creative assets related to Manufacturer products provided by or on behalf of the Manufacturer or otherwise publicly available.

Client’s Product 

A Client Product is defined as a single variation of a product or model (e.g. a single color of a particular model of a shoe).

Compatible Accessories

Products that are specifically designed to be compatible with one or more other product(s).  There are two (2) types of Compatible Accessories: 3rd Party Related Products and OEM Related Products.  Generic Accessories are not considered Compatible Accessories.

Compatible Accessories Content

Technical attributes with “searchable” and “comparable” values that can be used to enable product classification, parametric search or product comparison.

Content Build Requests

1WorldSync spreadsheet template with product identification fields for Client to fill and submit to initiate initial product content creation, transformation and delivery.  

ContentCast Feed

(AKA: Vendor Feed) Source files provided by Client that may contain structured data, Logo marketing collateral, or qualifying parent product SKU lists.

ContentCast Logo Service

A logo service designed to promote new technology and provide basic marketing information for the purpose of educating the consumers about but not limited to compatibility or embedded technology.

ContentCast Recipient

A Recipient in 1WorldSync’s ContentCast Recipient Network receiving ContentCast Product Data.

ContentCast Recipient Network

(AKA: Supplier Network) Value-added resellers, distributors, e-tailers, shopping comparison sites, portal operators, resellers, retailers, manufacturers 1 and other third parties who use and/or receive and/or who contribute to the Service.

Content Update Requests

1WorldSync spreadsheet template with product identification fields for Client to fill and submit to initiate updates to previously delivered product content. 

Custom Content

Unique, custom written product description and/or marketing copy.

Custom Service Statement of Work (“SOW”)

Document outlining the milestones and/or deliverables, delivery schedule, pricing, and other information pertaining to custom work Client is contacting with 1WorldSync to perform.  

Custom Training

Customized web-based or on-site Client training, as defined by a Custom Service Statement Of Work. 

DataSource Client Portal

1WorldSync hosted portal that allows Clients to view, track and manage the DataSource Content they have requested. Clients can monitor FTP activity, provide feedback on data-related issues, submit requests to the Customer Support team, and access DataSource related documentation including FAQs. 

DataSource Content

Product information standardized in 1WorldSync’s DataSource PDM format including but not limited to:

  • Product Description
  • Short Description
  • Main Specifications
  • Product Images
  • Brand Logo (if requested)
  • Image Meta Attributes
  • Marketing Description
  • Key Selling Points
  • Product Features
  • What’s in the Box
  • Product Documents
  • Manufacturer Part #
  • Universal Product Identifier (UPC, GTIN or EAN where available and depending on market)
  • Basic categorization (2 levels)
  • Alternative categorization (up to 5 levels)

DataSource Content Correction Requests

Requests submitted by Client to 1WorldSync to correct inaccuracies or incompleteness of existing DataSource Content.  DataSource Content Correction Request submission requirements and limitations are specified in the Offering Descriptions.

Datasource Dissemination Information

Information regarding recipient requests for DataSource Content and/or delivery to recipients of DataSource Content for manufacturer’s products.

DataSource PDM

1WorldSync’s proprietary product data model including but not limited to: product categorization, attribution, values, relationships, and technology that are utilized in the creation of DataSource Content.

DataSource Production Status

1WorldSync’s indicator designating the DataSource Content build status and readiness for delivery for a specific product.

DataSource Website Search/Navigation Content

Product content delivered with technical attribution and values that allows customers to enable faceted searching, product comparisons and product classification on their eCommerce web site. 

EPREL Product Information Sheet

The energy efficiency product information related to the product in the format described by the 2021 EU Energy Regulation updates, from the EPREL database.

Export/Import Classification

Classification codes applicable to a product, assigned by government agencies to designate whether an export license is needed from a government agency, and/or to identify if the product is subject to duties, taxes or tariffs.


See DataSource Client Portal in this glossary 

EU Energy Label

The 1WorldSync EU energy guide label that includes the energy letter classification and energy-efficiency information based on manufacturer’s product information and product compatibility when available to 1WorldSync from the product manufacturer.


The energy logo contains the energy class rating made available by 1WorldSync that will automatically appear next to a compatible product on Client’s Permitted Usage.

eu energy logo

EU Energy Logo Hover Window

The window that will automatically expand when Client’s Permitted Usages’ user hovers over or clicks the 1WorldSync EU Energy Logo to present the 1WorldSync EU Energy Label.


EU Energy Logo Service

The 1WorldSync proprietary service that allows Client to automatically display the 1WorldSync EU Energy Logo, the 1WS EU Energy Label and the 1WorldSync Product Fiche, when available, on its Permitted Usages.


Generic Accessories

Products that are not specifically designed to work with one or more specific products, but more of an general accessory that is compatible with multiple products across manufacturers (example: USB mice and keyboards). 

Help Center

A self-serve, web-based site where Client can access tutorial materials, FAQs, videos, training schedules and other information designed to assist Client in understanding specific details of the service and/or portal usage.

Item Setup Content

Product information a Retailer requires for setup of a new item in their internal system(s). 

Logo Asset Specifications

Badge Icon

  • Animated .GIF or static .jpg, .png images
  • Localized in all program languages / markets, and in each of the following sizes:
    • base/standard – 74px x 85px
    • Medium – 50px x 57px
    • Small – 20px x 20px
    • button 2 – 120px x 60px
  • This represents the icon/badge that is displayed to the user on the product page.

Hover Content

  • HTML files (Marketing Logo)
    • Supplemental documentation will be provided that describes the technical requirements of the HTML, including
      • Required formatting and assets
      • Tagging requirements for reporting
      • Accessibility
      • Hover Asset specifications
      • CSS classes to avoid / rename
    • .html + all assets in .zip files for each language / market
  • Brand style guide (Recommends Logo)
    • Brand logo
    • Colors to use in hover
  • Product Mapping (Recommends Logo)
    • Spreadsheet containing parent and child manufacturer part number relationships, child display priority, description, product name, and link to product image OR
    • If mutually agreed, attribute rules to determine elements from 1WorldSync DataSource database
    • Mapping will need to be provided per market / language supported by the program

Logo Icon

The Logo icon or badge is a small image displayed within the logo container on a product detail page that signifies the product’s qualification or inclusion within the Logo Service.

Main Specifications

A set of technical and commercial, tangible, and measurable qualities that are applicable to a product.

Manufacturer Based

DataSource Content delivered based on Stocked SKUs 1WorldSync has available for specific manufacturer(s) products.

Missing Information Request 

Request to Client from 1WorldSync to provide product information required by the Retailer to complete content delivery and acceptance of the item by the Retailer. 

Non-stocked SKUs

Product SKUs that Client is requesting DataSource Content that 1WorldSync does not have existing DataSource Content produced and ready for delivery at the time of the Client’s request. 

Accessory and/or consumable product(s) a manufacturer produces that are specifically designed to be compatible with one or more other product(s) the manufacturer produces, as opposed to Generic Accessories.

PartnerAccess Client Portal

1WorldSync hosted portal where Client can submit, view, and provide updates to Client Product Content, submit DataSource Content Correction Requests, and perform other functions of the PartnerAccess service.

Permitted Usage

Client owned/controlled, internal and/or customer facing system(s), website(s), or portal(s), where Client has, by virtue of its agreements with 1WorldSync, the express right to use or incorporate 1WorldSync’s service(s) included in the Client’s Subscription Configuration as specified in the Service Details section of the Order Form.  Client retains sole responsibility to determine whether 1WorldSync’s service(s) are compatible with Client’s owned / controlled systems and shall be solely responsible to ensure it has all appropriate intellectual property rights to combine and use such systems and service(s) in such manner.


  1. A product from Client catalog of Product within the Product Categories.
  2. A product (also referred to as SKU) is a unique item provided by Manufacturers based on a unique product Identifier such as Manufacturer Part Number, GTIN, UPC, EAN or ASIN.

Product Catalog File

File containing a list of products the Client is requesting DataSource Content and/or Compatible Accessories Content for.  Should not contain any discontinued products. 

Product Fiche

The energy efficiency product information related to the product.

Recipient Portal

(AKA: Client Portal) means a web-based portal site maintained by 1WorldSync that is used for ContentCast Recipients in the 1WorldSync ContentCast Recipient Network to store content syndication settings, catalogs, partner account information and access reports .

Retailer PartnerAccess Portal

The 1WorldSync web-based portal where Client can submit Content Build Requests and Content Update Requests, and respond to Missing Information Requests.

Service Configuration

Scope of service specified in the Service Details section of the Order Form.

Subscription Configuration

Scope of service included as part of the Client’s subscription(s) as specified in the Service Details section of the Order Form.

Static License

A license for continued use over a certain term for content delivered to the Client by 1WorldSync under a prior subscription and under the same general terms and conditions applicable to such content.

Stocked SKUs

Products that 1WorldSync has DataSource Content for in “Ready For Delivery” status.

Supplier Based

DataSource Content delivered based on products included in a Supplier’s catalog.

Vendor Portal

A web-based portal site maintained by 1WorldSync that is used by manufacturers to provide Client Content to 1WorldSync, and review available reporting metrics.