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Content Syndication That Broadens Your Reach

Easily create, manage and distribute your product content while meeting retailers’ detailed requirements.

Process map for content syndication showing how big brands distribute content

“It was a huge benefit to partner with 1WorldSync. Mondelēz International focused on readying content, while 1WorldSync focused on multi-modal distribution of current and consistent digital content across all three channels of retailers/customers/consumers.”

Leslie Henderson
IS Lead, Global Data Synchronization, Mondelēz International


The power to streamline your data syndication strategy


Content syndication toolset

Automated processes mean you’ll easily manage and verify your product content quality.


1WorldSync Connectors

Deliver your products to syndication partners — and the market — faster, while ensuring accuracy and completeness.


Data Sync Direct

Aggregate, validate and syndicate your product content with our Product Information Management (PIM) solution.


Support + training

We onboard your supplier communities, then serve as a continual source of support.

Broaden your e-commerce reach

No two online merchants or marketplaces operate identically. Every partner you trade with requires a unique configuration of attributions, file formats, validation rules and other guidelines to ensure your content displays accurately. Without rapidly meeting those requirements, you lose valuable customers and business relationships.

Our data syndication tools give you the confidence that every retailer’s content needs are automatically met, sending your products to market quickly and accurately.

At 1WorldSync, we talk a lot about GDSN — in fact, our tools are built to its standards. Learn more about how your data-driven business benefits from our status as the world’s No. 1 GDSN solution provider.

But our work also takes data syndication beyond GDSN. Learn more about how our enriched content solutions help improve your marketing strategy and consumer interactions.

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Aggregation, validation + communication — unified

GS1 standards ensure product data exchanged between trading partners is accurate, and follows universally supported specifications. But compliance doesn’t happen by accident; your company can expend serious effort meeting guidelines. Our streamlined systems provide a reliable path to check the boxes of aggregation, validation and communication.

  • Reduce syndication costs via our all-in-one tool
  • Create greater efficiencies among your trading partners
  • Maintain a consistent brand image throughout all e-commerce vendors
Man working on computer in server room

Access + security in one place

While a wide variety of vendor partners in your syndication network need access to your content and data, there are far more parties who don’t. Our secure tools ensure your content remains accurate, complete, updated and available to everyone who needs it — and protected from everyone else.

  • Safeguard your data from potential bad actors
  • Avoid retailer and regulatory fines
  • Maintain a 24/7 content flow to vendors
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Sidestep manual processes + human error

It’s nearly impossible to ensure accuracy when vendor requirements are managed manually. Automated data syndication tools not only eliminate costly errors, they save your team headaches and free up valuable time.

  • Apply content rules and formats based on up-to-date vendor requirements
  • Only distribute trusted, brand-verified product content
  • Synchronize master data between disparate systems
Woman on computer at desk with headset against corporate office background

Rely on our onboarding + support

We don’t expect you to become a data syndication expert overnight — or by yourself. Our community enablement team remains engaged throughout our relationship to ensure ongoing success for both content providers and recipients.

  • Education for niche topics, including item setup and maintenance, data quality, content creation and more
  • Dedicated teams throughout your 1WorldSync engagement
  • Track and score your supplier communities

Our customers, our community

Read this case study to learn how 1WorldSync helped Seaboard Foods accelerate its content readiness for supply chain and e-commerce for 1000 products by 6 months with Image Capture, and reduce its product data loading process to a single day.

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Read this case study to learn how 1WorldSync helped boost Purely Elizabeth’s wellness journey through accurate product content that reduced their time to market by 75% and saved 56-plus project hours.

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Ajinomoto understood the urgency of having high-quality online image interactions. The company enlisted 1WorldSync, the leading provider of trusted content, to help their products visually stand out against competitors online.

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Global data synchronization network

At 1WorldSync, we proudly maintain the world’s No. 1 GDSN data pool, trusted by more than 12,000 customers worldwide. But No. 1 is far more than a number. Learn how GDSN powers our entire organization.

Data syndication visualization showing 1WorldSync's capabilities and statistics

Master your content synchronization like a pro

Enable your workflows to become second nature. Complete the Content Synchronization for Business Professionals course and gain essential knowledge, skills and best practices in data synchronization to help empower the success of your data sync initiatives.

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