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1WorldSync Apprenticeship

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Cynthia Jansen awarded for her achievements

At the beginning of 2018, Cynthia Jansen, our former apprentice, successfully completed her apprenticeship. Cynthia was recently honored by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (“IHK”) for her successful results as one of the best apprentices of 2018.

The event where Cynthia was honored was a very festive and celebratory atmosphere, attended by approximately 800 guests who enjoyed live music while honoring the recipients.  Cynthia received her certificate by Dr. Dieter Steinkamp, Vice President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 1WorldSync’s Global Head of Human Resources, Thomas Kiefer, was also among the invited guests.  Thomas accepted the certificate for 1WorldSync honored as a highly engaged and supportive training workplace.

Cynthia’s achievements have been recognized throughout her entire apprenticeship.  We are very pleased that her outstanding ambition and dedication have also been officially honored by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Dear Cynthia, on behalf of the entire organization, we would like to congratulate you again for your great results.  We are very happy that you remained at 1WorldSync after having completed your apprenticeship.

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Thomas Kiefer, Cynthia Jansen