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2019 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Maintenance Releases: Are You Ready?

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The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) rolls out quarterly maintenance releases that can be comprised of updates ranging from additions / changes to attributes and code lists, validation rules, data migrations, schema changes, and more.

One of the largest challenges most organizations face when it comes to the GDSN is understanding what changes are coming, how best to prepare for them, and what are potential impacts. Every organization needs to review the upcoming changes to determine if they will need to be implemented based on their individual business needs.

Is Your Organization Prepared for the 2019 GDSN Maintenance Releases?

The 1WorldSync GDSN Assessment Services help organizations prepare and take advantage of new enhancements to the GDSN scheduled to be rolled out in 2019 and provides a thorough overview of how they are intended to operate. Please note there may be instances when the GDSN release date does not align with the 1WorldSync release, all the more reason to sign up for these services.

1WorldSync GDSN Assessment Services

1WorldSync will work with your organization to understand the impact to your organization and help you get prepared for the 2019 maintenance releases. You will benefit from our ability to:

  • Identify impact areas and changes that need to be addressed
  • Provide guidance on business and technical process changes needed to implement the release
  • Ensure that your product content continues to flow to your key recipients

GDSN Services Include:

  • Education and training services
  • Customized impact documents – highlighting impact and areas of change to be addressed
  • Dedicated support and direct access to an implementation expert who will guide customer through
    questions (outside of scheduled calls and trainings)

Are you ready to smoothly implement the most current standards to support the GDSN maintenance releases? Partner with 1WorldSync today!