Showcasing the Future: 2D Barcodes at GS1 Connect

June 20, 2024

Showcasing the Future: 2D Barcodes at GS1 Connect

Earlier this month, 1WorldSync attended GS1 Connect in Orlando and, once again, was the event’s premier sponsor. GS1 Connect is an annual conference organized by GS1 US that brings together supply chain partners to explore how GS1 Standards can address business challenges and seize new opportunities.

Check out a video of 1WorldSync’s 2D Barcode presentation at GS1 Connect 2024:

One of the main topics of discussion this year was the rise of the 2D Barcode and the benefits they offer to brands beyond just supply chain and point-of-sale use cases. Set to revolutionize the consumer space with an industry “Sunrise” in 2027, the 2D Barcode will eventually replace the existing UPC barcode on all product packaging worldwide.

2D vs 1D barcode
1WorldSync customers are utilizing 2D Barcodes to enhance consumer engagement by leveraging tools like Digital Catalogs and offering rich, interactive product information (including ratings and reviews), that captivates and informs shoppers.

“What we’re showing our customers this year is how they can leverage the platform they’re already on to get the most advantage out of the 2D barcode that they are going to end up putting on their package,” said Randy Mercer, Chief Product Officer at 1WorldSync.

At GS1, 1WorldSync held a demo with nutrition brand RxSugar titled, “2D Barcodes: The Future of Retail.” The demos showcased how RxSugar is using 2D barcodes to expand customer engagement across its health and wellness product portfolio.

Randy Mercer described RxSugar’s 2D barcode success as “a perfect example of using all of our solutions all bundled within one platform.”

1WorldSync began its partnership with RxSugar in 2019. Since then, they have utilized 1WorldSync’s Item Management and Data Loading & Maintenance platforms to confidently and effectively bring its products to more consumers and identify additional efficiencies.

Read more about RxSugar’s product success journey.

A primary goal of the demo was to discuss the opportunities and benefits that Digital Catalog offers to existing 1WorldSync customers.

“Embedded in the Item Management platform is our Digital Catalog solution, and that is the basis for the [2D barcode] consumer experience. Customers don’t know they have direct access to that through our platform and that’s what we are informing our customers about,” said Randy Mercer.

By scanning the 2D barcode on the RxSugar snack bar, customers can  access a comprehensive digital catalog featuring an image gallery, consumer product descriptions, nutritional information, rich content and a product Q&A section. Ratings and reviews are also included in the catalog, enabling customers to leave feedback directly on the product page. 

Smart phone screenshot of e-commerce ratings and reviews
Founder & CEO of RxSugar, Steve Hanley, expressed his enthusiasm after the demo at the event, “We were thrilled to showcase the potential of our product content with 1WorldSync at GS1 Connect, and are even more excited to have access to this fantastic disruptive innovation. This is truly a game changer and destined for widespread adoption!”

To learn more about the 2027 2D Barcode Sunrise and how you can seize the early opportunities for customer engagement now, check out our demo.