3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Amazon Page to Drive Trust, Authenticity, and Sales

January 20, 2022

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Amazon Page to Drive Trust, Authenticity, and Sales

As more and more shoppers head online, Amazon remains at the forefront with over 55% of online shopping purchases beginning on Amazon. It’s no wonder Amazon has approximately 2.5 million sellers currently selling products on its site. Needless to say, Amazon’s marketplace is crowded. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be lucrative for your business.  

In this blog post we’ll share 3 easy ways your brand can immediately stand out from the crowd and use the real estate Amazon offers to your advantage.  

1. Images Are Essential to Buyer Confidence 

As expected, nearly all users visit product pages before deciding to purchase an item. It’s critical your product pages perform well and get to the point quickly. A Baymard Research study discovered that, without question, the single most important part of a product page is the image carousel.  

Because visuals are a top persuasive factor in encouraging purchases, you always want to make sure your listing has high quality images where the customer can view the product from all angles. In fact, 93% of shoppers consider good images to be essential when making a purchase decision. 

2. Make the Most of Your Image Real Estate

Depending on the category, Amazon allows 6 or 7 images on its image carousel. So, in a practical sense, you could use those 6 images to show all sides of a product: front, back, left, right, top, bottom. Perhaps you remove the bottom or a side photo and instead show an “in scale” image and/or accessories.  

But what if you could get more creative with your carousel real estate? The same Baymard Research study found that the second most important part of a product page is product reviews. Many retailers are catching on and finding ways to include real reviews—or even a summary of average ratings—in their image rotation to instill trust and authenticity with their customers.  “Using the image carousel to convey more is a way for brands to start sharing that authenticity with consumers to help them make better purchasing decisions,” says Peter V.S. Bond, VP of Retail Strategy at PowerReviews.

Using the image carousel to convey more is a way for brands to start sharing that authenticity with consumers to help them make better purchasing decisions

Peter V.S. Bond, VP of Retail Strategy at PowerReviews

3. 360° Images Reduce the Need for Multiple Static Images 

If you’ve decided to use the image carousel on Amazon (or other mega retailers) for reviews, ratings, product details, or other relevant information, the question becomes, how do you ensure the customer has a good sense of what the product actually looks like?  

Enter 360s.

Not only do 360° images help your Amazon listing, but they will free up important real estate that would otherwise need to be used to show every angle of the product. Imagine giving your prospective buyer a comprehensive “in-store” experience using just one image slot of the carousel! 

Does Your Digital Shelf Need an Upgrade? 

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