A new way to get high quality, verified e-commerce content—fast

October 7, 2020


A new way to get high quality, verified e-commerce content—fast


Demand from retailers, consumers and stakeholders for high-quality, enriched product content is at an all-time high and will only intensify for brands as time goes on. This, in addition to the concept of an ‘endless aisle’ for greater online selection rather than brick-and-mortar shelf stock, lead to a heightened awareness and need for interactive, product content.

Which is why brands must evolve past outdated, inefficient and cumbersome processes of identifying content needs in order to get it in retailers’ hands, and ultimately in front of consumers.

Consider the current content system.

Fragmented, ad-hoc motions of this system cause brands to scramble to find or create product content that aligns to their retail trading partner specs, and moves the consumer from awareness and consideration, to purchase. And by the way, the content also needs to be optimized for omnichannel use.

How can brands evolve past such fragmented systems to execute with better optimized product content?

By leveraging greater capabilities to source, create and distribute content, brands can better streamline the content capture and creation process for supply chain and e-commerce needs and increase their speed-to-market.

Content sourcing

The Content Acceleration Suite from 1WorldSync covers the end-to-end, integrated process of assembling product content from photography to off-pack content capture, copywriting and enrichment. By providing 1WorldSync product samples and a fact sheet, brands will quickly receive all the content needed to effectively sell online and power their supply chain. The brand manufacturer also retains full ownership of images and enriched product content for unlimited use, unlike other solutions available.

The entire process starts with an image and some basic product specs. The image capture service renders and produces the highest-quality product photography across numerous applications—standard packaging shots, 360-degree spin or planogram creation—and sets the foundation for the rest of the Content Acceleration process.

Off-pack content capture automates the process of pulling important product information such as nutritional facts, claims, ingredients, allergens, brand name, and net content. No more guessing or manually finding and keying the information in.

Content creation

The content representing a manufacturer’s products impacts the buying behavior and decisions of the consumer, whether online or in-store. It is critical to produce and enrich key content assets such as hero images, marketing copy and optimized descriptions to offer compelling product experiences that convert to sales. Content Acceleration delivers improved search discoverability and conversion effectiveness.

Hero images bring products to life on the digital shelf through different angles, scale, seals, tags and customized views to amplify brands and help increase conversions.

Compelling marketing copy that tells brand and product stories better, provides consumers with the information they need and is search-engine optimized can help increase search rankings and lead to higher product visibility. The result? Improved consumer buying decisions.

Content distribution

Complete, optimized product content hosted on the 1WorldSync content platform enables brands to reach ultimate success. All created content is first reviewed and approved in 1WorldSync’s Content Hub, giving more control over what is ultimately syndicated to trading partners.

Whether brands want to pinpoint trading partners, open their content up to the entire community or expose compelling content internally, the 1WorldSync platform allows brands to accurately and efficiently syndicate product content to customers and ultimately, consumers.

Want to leverage some of these new capabilities? Contact us to learn more about the Content Acceleration Suite, sign up in our online store or reach out to our team at businessdevelopment@1worldsync.com.