Cheers To Trusted Product Content

July 23, 2019


Cheers To Trusted Product Content


US alcohol sales generated US$253.8 billion in 2018, an increase of 5.1%, or $12.4 billion.

In the alcohol industry, your products have tons of information that consumers want and you need to ensure the information is centralized and consistent across all platforms, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

Current approaches to sharing product information are time-consuming and inefficient and can undermine data quality. The industry is examining their product information and sharing/syndication mechanisms and discovering 1WorldSync provides a better way.

Leaders from across the U.S. Beer, Wine, and Spirits industry came together to participate in a 1WorldSync pilot study to test a better way to share rich and accurate product information across the industries three-tier syndication model.

Multiple Suppliers and Retailers participated to come up with ways to:

  • Reduce manual entry of product content at each level
  • Enable better data quality
  • Ensure standardization of content on a scale that could be easily consumed and reviewed

Product Content Solutions for the Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry

The pilot group worked together to understand the needs and abilities of the supplier/brand owner to provide product content while recognizing the need to work closer with Retailers and eTailers to ensure they have the most up to date information.

Participants learned 1WorldSync helps brands focus on the attributes and processes specific to the Beer, Wine, and Spirits industry and provides flexibility and product information sharing options which support the industry’s three-tier supply chain.25

1WorldSync’s 1-to-many model supports sharing product information from the supplier to the distributor to the retailer as well as sharing between supplier and retailer directly, meeting the needs for the industry’s three-tier supply chain. The U.S. pilot participants realized improved data sharing across their supply chain enhanced the quantity and quality of their product content.

Don’t waste countless hours uploading data to individual portals.

With 1WorldSync, you can:

  • Enter your data one time and publish it to any recipient
  • Centrally store your supply chain, logistics, eCommerce and marketing product content in one location
  • Leverage mass uploads of your data via our spreadsheet upload or machine-to-machine capabilities
  • Get it right the first time with 1Worldsync and recipient-specific validations built into our tool
  • Send images to your recipients in the same message with other product information

You can read the full results of the Beer, Wine and Spirits Pilot if you download the white paper.