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GS1 Global Forum 2019 Recap

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1WorldSync had the pleasure of sponsoring this year’s GS1 Global Forum on February 18-22 in Brussels. CEO Karin Borchert was proud to welcome GS1 CEO & President Miguel Lopera and at the 1WorldSync booth on the Market Place Expo.

The congress was once again filled with innovative and outstanding presentations on GS1 supply chain standards and how GS1 is helping companies globally to meet the needs and “common language” among their customers, partners and suppliers.

Rolf Stark, Vice President – Global Business Development & Strategic Partners of 1WorldSync, described the Forum as, “a fantastic opportunity to not only keep track of all the ambitious plans of GS1 but also for meeting 1WorldSync’s GS1 customers and influencers. We had exciting and inspiring discussions with many GS1 Executives about the evolution of GDSN and the ever increasing market demands for rich product content solutions.”

This year’s Global Forum again set incredible records:

  • 907 participants from 99 countries
  • 65 sessions and meetings with 45 external speakers
  • 44 GS1 MOs & 3 regional booths at the Market Place Expo

In their powerful keynotes, Olaf Koch, Metro CEO & Chairman and Cameron Geiger, SVP Supply Chain Services both explained why globally verified data is absolutely essential to meet the demands of today’s data-driven consumer. He underlined GS1’s critical role in delivering the services to enable customer satisfaction and the future of digital commerce.

“Both market leaders clearly outlined what they expect and how GS1 can improve their efficiency and grow their business, enabled by seamless global registries comprised of high-quality data. Olaf Koch focused on the topic of data quality and described it as “the new oil of today. Alongside with our shareholders and with all the GS1 Organizations using our technology platforms, 1WorldSync is pleased to continue contributing to the evolution of GDSN and GS1 standards.”  Karin Borchert, CEO, 1WorldSync

Dr.-Ing Sascha Kasper, Director – Technology Partners & New Businesses of 1WorldSync references to the concept of the knowledge pyramid (see figure below). This pyramid is well suited to depict the hierarchical relationship between signs, data, information and knowledge.

GS1 CEO & President, Miguel Lopera, emphasized GS1’s top priorities which will extend identification to identification and verification. As he said, it is now also about delivering services for verification of a foundational set of product data.

1WorldSync continues to support the development and implementation of this vision.

Save the date for GS1 Global Forum 2020 on Feb 17 – 21!


*Images provided by GS1