How 1WorldSync helped Purely Elizabeth superpower their wellness journey

June 10, 2021

How 1WorldSync helped Purely Elizabeth superpower their wellness journey

The impact of enriched, accurate and consistent product content on a consumer’s omnichannel shopping experience could not have had more a profound effect on leading global retailers, brands and product manufacturers than perhaps in the last 12-18 months of the ‘e-commerce boom.’

For natural foods company Purely Elizabeth, this reality could not be more evident as the company continues to make investments that help them:

  • Gain greater efficiency and transparency into management of their product content and digital asset management. 
  • Stay ahead of consumers’ increasing demand for their products
  • Leverage e-commerce channels and capabilities to meet their customers on their path to nutritional purchase
  • Maintain changing product packaging needs to scale their business appropriately to meet its rapid growth and product innovation

“Every retailer has a different requirement,” explained Victoria Vanderyken, sales assistant manager for Purely Elizabeth. “We work with a lot of different teams to manage our product content and images across portals and it was not always consistent—it was such a mess and challenging to get everything aligned properly. We were constantly dealing with system alerts and messages notifying us that our items were non-compliant or requests to go in and look at our scorecards, and we would update the content and make corrections, and somehow our products would again become non-compliant.”

Purely Elizabeth was ready for a new partner that could ensure their product content was clear, concise, standardized cross-platform and 100% retailer and industry compliant. They needed a partner who help them stay ahead of the accelerated demand for e-commerce capabilities. The company was ready to take a zero tolerance approach to inaccurate, siloed product content that did not do justice to properly represent its brand.

1WorldSync consulted with the Purely Elizabeth team as part of its ongoing customer success processes to ensure product information was consistent, standardized and properly displayed in the correct locations above- and below-the-fold across numerous commerce channels and retailer portals. 1WorldSync also ensured their nutritional and allergens were represented in the right way and verified for accuracy.

By leveraging new Image Capture services and Content Acceleration from 1WorldSync—in addition to its existing use of the Item Management (IM) platform—Purely Elizabeth was able to immediately fix existing project management issues, lower product content production & shipping costs, correct poor imagery and inaccurate product content descriptions for 16 of its high-priority products across a number of retail sites in just 2-3 weeks.

Additionally, the Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) from 1WorldSync—integrated with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)—helped Purely Elizabeth facilitate the process required to submit and maintain item data by storing attributes of items sold, as it foresees the need to stay ahead of their processes in the near future.

Working with 1WorldSync, “it was a very quick and easy process start to finish. It was the only service that I’ve worked with that did what they said they were going to do in the time they said they were going to do it—without any glitches.”

Victoria Vanderyken, Sales Assistant Manager, Purely Elizabeth

Key Results position Purely Elizabeth for accelerated growth

Reduced time-to-market by 75%
Initial image capture, product description and attribute validation processes were siloed and contributed to month-long delays. 1WorldSync brought the process down to 2-3 weeks for 16 key Purely Elizabeth products 

Decreased product content & shipping costs by 50%
Better quality photography and a more efficient process equated to fewer reshoots, less shipping 

Over 56 project hours saved
With 1WorldSync, Purely Elizabeth spends less time on product content project management and more time furthering their brand vision across all channels