How to improve e-commerce outcomes with better product imagery

April 16, 2021

How to improve e-commerce outcomes with better product imagery

As more consumers transition to shopping online, competitiveness in the e-commerce landscape continues to grow. One contributing factor is demand from consumers around product photos.

Shoppers today want detailed product photos before they make a purchase, and they want a lot of them. In short, product imagery has to be better, higher-quality, digital and feature interactive image elements that ensure the product they purchased online matches the product that arrives on their doorstep.

Research shows that manipulating an image with spin or zoom features improves customers’ understanding and opinion of the product. In other words, where product images provide the visual component of in-store shopping, interactive images are about as close as you can get to holding an item in your hands.

High-quality images also solve a variety of pain points and provide benefits for most product suppliers, running the gamut from manufacturing equipment and electrical parts to frozen foods and athletic clothing.

In short rich media can dramatically improve e-commerce outcomes including:

  • Higher product sales conversions
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced production costs
  • Fewer product returns
  • Quicker turnaround times

Build trust, boost sales and grow customer satisfaction & loyalty
When you provide high-quality product photography for each product on your website, you instantly gain a shopper’s trust. And to get those high-quality images, you’ll need professional photographers experienced in capturing key attributed of product photography.

1WorldSync’s Image Capture service allows you to efficiently produce the volume of images that customers now expect. Adding our high-quality imagery to your site builds trust. And bonus— adding high-quality imagery, including rich media with 360-degree-spin capabilities doesn’t require a massive investment or amount of time.


With a feature like 360-degree photography, which compiles 24 to 72 images into a seamless “spin,” shoppers can rotate and zoom in on products in high definition to see every detail. This level of interaction increases customer engagement and visual information to provide a positive effect on buying intent. Implementing 360-degree spins on your website will drive more sales and have a major impact on conversions.

Grainger, a 1WorldSync customer, began measuring the impact of 360-degree images compared to other enhanced content types, such as product videos and technical PDF documents. On average, the company saw conversion rates increase 47% when products were shown with a 360-degree spin image.

In a digital age that shows no signs of technological decline, global commerce leaders must ask themselves: ‘can my business survive without accurate, enriched product images that properly represent my products and brand?’

The answer may surprise you, but why wait to find out? Take your next steps today and reap the rewards in higher conversions, fewer product returns, improved customer satisfaction scores and positive product reviews, reduced production costs, higher conversion rates, and that much more.

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