How to Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores on

March 2, 2023

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores on

Selling on Walmart grants you access to millions of shoppers ready to buy. Your customer scores on Walmart provide helpful insights into your performance while keeping you in good standing with the big box giant. 

This article explores why those customer satisfaction scores matter and what you can do to improve them. Read on to learn more. 

Why Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Matter for Walmart Sales

Walmart is a household name, and it has been for decades. In recent years, Walmart’s Marketplace has empowered brands to reach more consumers than ever. If you can perform on Walmart’s online marketplace, your potential for success is unlimited. 

Your customer satisfaction score is crucial as you evaluate your performance with Walmart. This metric helps you see where you’re succeeding and which areas need work to provide the optimal customer experience. 

Your customer satisfaction scores measure metrics customers find important. They also keep you in good standing with Walmart. High scores communicate that you’re taking steps to earn and maintain customer trust, helping you sell more and edge out your competition. 

Customer satisfaction scores matter. You should take every step to increase your scores to take hold of your position on the digital shelf and secure your position in Walmart’s coveted Buy Box. 

Ways to Boost Your Customer Satisfaction Scores 

Below we list the most effective ways to increase customer satisfaction scores on Walmart so you can sell more starting now. 

1. Provide Ample Product Data 

Your product detail pages should highlight every piece of information shoppers could want to know about your products. PDPs should include engaging content and informative data that lead shoppers to a favorable purchase decision. 

The more relevant product data you supply, the better. Shoppers should never have to search for product information. Presenting it in an organized, easy-to-consume format helps them see the big picture at a glance. 

Sufficient product data is essential for high customer satisfaction scores and significantly affects your bottom line. 1WorldSync research found that seven out of ten shoppers will decide not to buy an item if it lacks product content on its PDP. 

By providing comprehensive data and content, you earn the trust and confidence necessary for shoppers to purchase. All the while, you’re delivering an exceptional shopping experience reflected in your customer satisfaction scores. 

2. Deliver Engaging Shopping Experiences 

Exceptional rich media content drives high customer satisfaction scores. Immersive shopping experiences set your brand apart from other competitors on Walmart. Engaging media gives shoppers memorable and compelling interactions with your brand and product. 

Utilizing AR content empowers you to create another meaningful touchpoint with Walmart shoppers. Recent research found that 61 percent of shoppers prefer to shop with retailers that offer AR experiences. With Walmart’s recent rollout of AR features, you can connect and engage with consumers better than ever. 

AR applications give shoppers a real-life view of how your products will fit their homes and lifestyles. Taking advantage of AR allows you to deliver engaging shopping experiences that sell more products and increase your satisfaction scores. 

3. Preemptively Answer FAQs

As you evaluate customer feedback and address inquiries, you’ve likely noticed repeated product questions from your customers. Many shoppers ask the same questions about your brand and the goods you provide. By preemptively answering these frequently asked questions –– whether in an FAQ section or via quality product content –– you save shoppers time and energy, address potential concerns, and provide them with the peace of mind they need to commit to purchase. 

In addition to offering product specs, features, and descriptions, consider providing the following information that customers commonly ask for: 

  • Instructions for product use 
  • Warranty and return information 
  • Shipping timelines 
  • Product comparisons 

Answering consumer questions before they think to ask them secures their confidence and trust in your brand while streamlining their purchase process, thereby increasing your sales. 

4. Maintain Inventory Stock 

Proper inventory management on Walmart’s Marketplace is crucial for customer satisfaction. Preventing out-of-stock issues helps you maintain authority and legitimacy in the eyes of your customers. 

Few circumstances are more frustrating for a shopper than buying a product only to discover that it’s not in stock. When this happens, you must process a refund and manage bad reviews and your Marketplace status.  

At the same time, you don’t want excess inventory. This can lead to higher storage fees or changing trends that affect the desirability and sales of your products. 

Careful inventory management contributes directly to your customer satisfaction scores. When customers shop for your products on Walmart, they should never consider that their order might not be fulfilled due to stocking issues. Tracking and managing your inventory significantly impacts the customer experience. 

5. Offer Relevant Product Suggestions 

Bundling recommendations provide the personalized shopping experience today’s consumer expects –– and often demands –– from digital retailers. When executed effectively, product bundling recommendations contribute to positive customer interactions with your brand. 1WorldSync research found that 73 percent of online shoppers who use recommendation and bundling features are moderately or highly satisfied. 

However, one in five shoppers says irrelevant or inaccurate product recommendations will cause them to leave a product page. 

The right product suggestions create positive brand affinity while increasing your customer’s cart size. Product bundles are simple avenues to increase order values while delivering shopping experiences that lead to high customer satisfaction scores. 

6. Optimize Data to Create a Better Customer Experience 

Chances are, Walmart isn’t your only trading partner. When selling on various platforms with multiple retailers, you must ensure your product data is consistent, accurate, and up-to-date, and it must meet all retailer requirements. 

Operating from a Product Information Management system allows you to effectively manage your product data and information everywhere you sell. Working with a PIM system ensures that consumers receive accurate data as they shop for your products on Walmart’s marketplace. Instead of attempting to manage every product listing on Walmart manually, your PIM alerts you to missing information or inaccuracies, ensuring you’re fulfilling Walmart’s requirements –– plus all other retailer requirements you need to meet. 

7. Marry Facts with Emotion to Increase Conversions

Walmart’s shoppers want more than basic information about the products they purchase. A compelling product page combines product data –– like specs and features –– with content that engages and connects with the consumer. 

Marry data with rich content to deliver the product page experience that results in conversions. Shoppers are both logical and emotional. Approaching product content through this multifaceted approach allows you to holistically engage shoppers, creating positive experiences that increase satisfaction ratings. 

Better Product Data Means Better Buying Experiences 

Customers won’t need to ask questions or reach out to customer service when you’ve optimized your product data and PDPs. Shoppers want fast, streamlined purchases, and by providing better product data, you deliver superior buying experiences that lead to higher customer satisfaction scores. 

Data and content drive conversions. Make the most of your online presence and increase your customer satisfaction scores today with the right tools to properly manage your product data on Walmart’s Marketplace. 

1WorldSync supplies the solutions you need to thrive in this space and every other channel where you sell. Reach out today to talk with our team about the many options we provide to enhance your online success.