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AHRMM 2019 Recap

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1WorldSync recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at the AHRMM19 Conference in San Diego last week, the premier event designed for healthcare supply chain professionals. 

Content from the conference covered the latest healthcare trends, technologies, and challenges within the industry and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Below please find my key takeaways!

  • Supply chain personnel recognize the need for better product data to populate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), product catalogs, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).  
  • Poor data quality and an overall lack of usable product data is a major pain point for data recipients.  Those needing product data for supply chain, product catalogs, item master, and bedside scanning (just to name a few), are regularly faced with inefficiencies and forced to create workarounds in order to develop workable systems.
  • Unfortunately, most hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have compromised by “settling” for the low quality and limited data currently being provided.  These organizations have enacted labor intensive, manual processes to obtain supplemental data in order to develop a usable product. Still yet, these manual processes only offer minor improvements in master product data quality.

Serving more than 3,500 commercial partners such as hospitals, medical device, pharmaceutical, paper goods manufacturers and group purchasing organizations around the globe and managing around 2.2 million products in the healthcare sector, 1WorldSync is the leading expert for product content solutions and high quality images in the healthcare industry.

We address product data quality which affects supply chain efficiency and ultimately patient safety through one synchronized platform.  We serve the healthcare industry’s top brands including Teleflex, Premier, Hill-Rom, Johnson & Johnson and many more!

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