Mobile Delivery Models Accelerate Daily Essentials Distribution

March 31, 2021

Mobile Delivery Models Accelerate Daily Essentials Distribution

What if you could get daily essentials delivered to your door in 30 minutes? As changing consumer behaviors become a greater factor for companies wanting to provide their customers with the best shopping experience, such actions shed a greater light on growing digital convenience retail delivery models.

A few factors played a role in customers’ increased interest in having more immediate access to essentials. Consider that 3-4 years ago, consumers were already demanding product deliveries within hours, versus days. In fact, 41% of consumers at the time confirmed wanting hyperlocal delivery and 38% would pay for it1. Yet, only a small percentage (24%) of retailers were able to meet such expectations, according to the study—with some retailers (18%) hoping to add hyperlocal delivery to their capabilities within 12 months.

Fast forward to 2019 when same-day and next-day shipping and “buy online, pick up in store” models became more of a reality for consumers.

And in 2020, COVID-19 restrictions accelerated consumer adoption of delivery and demand for faster delivery of new product categories such as groceries and OTC medications, and food & beverage items delivered in hours.

The Gopuff promise—daily essentials delivered faster
And while e-commerce giants such as Amazon helped set the standard for fast shipping with Prime, new players have begun to master optimal fulfillment processes based by offering ultimate convenience at a low cost, utilizing micro-fulfillment centers to deliver products to consumers—faster than ever before.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Gopuff created the category for instant needs in 2013, leveraging more than 250 micro-fulfillment centers to deliver everyday essentials to customers in about 30 minutes. Today, the company brings thousands of products to 650+ cities throughout the U.S.—and is far from done expanding its reach. The company was named in the 2020 CNBC Disruptor 50 and acquired BevMo! late last year.

Improving supply chain efficiencies through global standardization
To further maximize the distribution and sale of its products, it also partnered with 1WorldSync to implement and leverage the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) for the exchange of product information.

By gathering product content from its supplier through the standardized platform of the GDSN, the company can:

  • Improve efficiency within the supply chain
  • Streamline its procurement processes
  • Maximize the assortment and inventory of products in its micro-fulfillment centers
  • Better represent its suppliers’ products in the goPuff mobile app to ensure e-commerce order fulfillment

Read the article to learn how Gopuff continues its journey to become the world’s go-to solution for everyday needs.

To participate in Gopuff’s initiatives, the company asks its suppliers to take the following 3 actions:

  1. Complete the Gopuff trading partner form
  2. Review the Implementation Guide and desired attributes also located on the Gopuff trading partner page
  3. Publish their entire item catalog per Gopuff attribute requirements to GLN: 0860004915706

Any questions regarding questions regarding this important initiative can be sent to, or can be routed to 1WorldSync at or 866-280-4013.



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