Quality Data – Champion & MVP

January 31, 2019


Quality Data – Champion & MVP


With the “BIG GAME” and post-season honors on the horizon, we’ll hear a lot about the stars: the best QB of all time, the running back who can’t be stopped, the safety who covers like a blanket and the linebacker who plays sideline to sideline.  All deserving but unfortunately, we’ll near almost nothing about the players who make everything AND everyone possible – the offensive line. The true MVPs who battle for every yard, on every play, all game long with little celebration.

Such is the “life in the trenches” for QUALITY DATA – no accolades, no trips to Disneyland, no mention in the annual report and no game day interviews.  This unheralded hero however, is THE ENGINE that makes the organizational machine start-up, move, run and accelerate.

Like a football team without the offensive line, look what CAN’T be done without QUALITY DATA:

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – your product(s) CAN’T be manufactured

SUPPLY CHAIN – your product(s) CAN’T be packaged

DIGITAL – your product(s) CAN’T be photographed

MARKETING – your product(s) CAN’T be detailed with features & benefits

SALES – your product(s) CAN’T be purchased

BRAND MANAGER – your product(s) CAN’T be found, seen or known

REGULATORY – your product(s) CAN’T pass compliance standards

FINANCE – your top line CAN’T hold

As a brand – YOU are the source of the most valued, most respected and most requested data.  Why allow a distributor, a retailer or a third-party reseller (mis)represent you?! Deliver QUALITY DATA for EVERY product.  

As a distributor – deepen your partnership with valued manufacturers and insist upon QUALITY DATA.  Be their sales advocate and data governance teammates. With QUALITY DATA, speed to market improves and Sales grow.

As a retailer – the eyes of every shopper are on you and the data you provide.  Set appropriate required and optional data attribution standards so QUALITY DATA elevates communication and transparency.

By championing QUALITY DATA and giving it the praise and attention it deserves, you’ll raise a title trophy, be named MVP and build a dynasty.

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