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Reinhart Foodservice: Discovering, Planning and Marketing with Product Content

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The foodservice industry has been long proponents of GS1 standards to provide greater traceability for products moving through the supply chain. It is the basis of supply chain logistics. The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) has served as the platform to deliver traceability and supply chain product content, but its potential has been under-utilized – until now!

Product content in GDSN is moving beyond explaining the product life cycle! GDSN is now being better utilized to efficiently and effectively market and measure your product story.

Reinhart Foodservice is an excellent example of using GDSN content for more than traceability. They utilize the enriched marketing data and product images to create a best-in-class buying experience across their customer-facing systems.

Customers, Sales Teams, and Purchasing Staff can use the enriched data to:

  • Discover product value
  • Plan the supply chain
  • Market products to customers

As a GDSN user, you have the ability to provide a combination of both life-cycle content and marketing content. You can actively choose to show the full picture of your value proposition to all customers using a single source: GDSN.

Through their integrated marketing approach Reinhart Foodservice uses content across multiple platforms to connect to customers in restaurants, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment. This approach offers timely, reliable and accurate customer service and a buying experience catering to you and your customers by enabling better monitoring of inventory, storing recipes, establishing pricing, searching for recipe alternatives, garnering nutritional information and placing orders with ease.

In this new era of information availability, why not take fewer steps to supply enriched product content including images, marketing information, nutritional details, and supply chain information?

To learn more, watch “The Value of Product Content” and see how Reinhart Foodservice makes sure you benefit from all the core supply chain information, as well as the images, marketing information, and nutritional details you provide via GDSN.