Survey: How Much is Product Content Responsible for Online Returns?

February 23, 2023

Survey: How Much is Product Content Responsible for Online Returns?

1WorldSync recently released our 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report detailing findings from 1,650 consumers across Canada and the US. The data reveals trends in product content, the impact of inflation on shopping behavior, what drives conversions and more. In this blog, we break down the data on product content and online returns. For the full data set, download the report here: 

55% of shoppers have returned or received a refund for an online purchase in the past 18 months. The majority of these returns were: clothing (52%), electronics (29%) and groceries (23%). The stated reasons for the returns are:

  • Product specifications were inaccurate (45%)
  • Product photography did not match the product that arrived (38%)
  • Product photography insufficiently captured all angles of the product (37%)
  • Product description or features were misleading and/or inaccurate (34%)
  • General lack of product features & information (26%)
  • Inaccurate or misleading manufacturer-provided FAQ answer (24%)

Returns can be a hassle for brands and hurt their bottom line. According to our data, consumers blame specific product content errors for their returns. 59% of survey respondents said inaccurate, misleading or poor product information featured on the e-commerce website were to blame for their returns. By providing high-quality, rich content to customers, brands can avoid returns and increase brand loyalty and sales.

The survey also showed that age is a consideration when it comes to online returns. Young consumers are much more likely to make an online return. 60% of 18-24 year olds have made an online return in the past 18 months whereas only 49% of people over the age of 55 have. 

The most effective way to prevent online returns is to provide accurate, detailed product content so that consumers know exactly what they are getting before they purchase. For tips on how to limit online returns and improve the return process, check out this article.

For more information on product content trends, download the 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report here.