Why 1WorldSync For The FoodService Industry?

October 25, 2018

Why 1WorldSync For The FoodService Industry?

The increased demand for more product information, especially when it comes to food safety, is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have”.

Enabling more than 25,000 global companies in over 60 countries, 1WorldSync understands that trusted product content matters.

We represent the largest brands from all sides of the Foodservice Industry including Challenge Dairy, Shamrock, Reinhart and Dot Foods. We can help you:

  • Digital Asset Management: Easily create, upload, host or share digital assets based on recipient specific size in order to preserve brand integrity and drive conversion.
  • Connectors: Bring your products to market faster and facilitate the delivery of product content in the exact format required by the recipient.
  • Transparency: How is your Smart Label initiative going? Leverage GDSN to turn your global food supply chain transparency into shopper Insights
  • Digital Catalog: Mobilize your product content and reach recipients in creative ways. Deliver downloadable selling spec sheet PDFs and other digital sales aids.
  • Content Quality: Learn what steps you can take to improve the overall quality of your content received by recipients.

Will you be at the 2018 IFDA DSC Expo in San Antonio on October 28 – 30? Make plans to stop by 1WorldSync Booth #545 and learn how we can help you deliver transparency while tackling food safety and compliance issues.

Turn Your Content Into Currency & Loyal Customers

Join 1WorldSync for a compelling webinar with Shearer Foods on October 30 at 11 am ET. You will learn:

  • How authentic experiences are paramount in the age of the connected and ever-changing consumer, transparent commerce, and blurred lines between brick and click.
  • A unique e-commerce story that speaks to the ability to deliver rich, robust product content to engage consumers everywhere – regardless of location or medium.
  • How Shearer’s Foods is leveraging 1WorldSync’s cross channel capabilities for aggregation, validation and distribution of content.