You voted, we delivered!

November 4, 2018

You voted, we delivered!

1WorldSync’s customers have always played an important role in enhancing your experience and expanding our solutions. An online poll conducted in August 2018 showed a clear picture: 61% of WS-Publishing users wanted more efficiency in the processing of packaging hierarchies.

We wanted to deliver the feature as soon as possible and are happy to announce it will be part of the December release. As a result, suppliers can save a lot of time and further simplify their use of the publishing interface, especially regarding hierarchies.

You have probably experienced the case where many attributes and their values are the same across all hierarchy levels, for example, the item description or the brand name, to name just two. When you add a packaging unit to a base article, this information must always be entered again. With a new function in the Hierarchy Editor, we offer the possibility to clone the current article with all its attributes (the GTIN is of course excluded from this) and to add it directly to the hierarchy as a superordinate or subordinate element. Thus, the laborious manual insertion of redundant data is no longer necessary.

You may be wondering what’s so special about this functionality compared to many other features that find their way into the software with every release? These changes are direct results of our customer survey, which included various features that were already in development for the December release. For quite some time now, product development at 1WorldSync has been taking place within an agile framework, with a particular focus on cooperation with customers.

In order to meet the needs of the market and the customers, product management has implemented a regular feature voting in which selected features are presented and voted on. Stay tuned – the next feature voting, for the February release, will take place at the end of November.