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*Premium session.

Attend the Content Synchronization for Business Professionals training sessions and learn how to master your product content synchronization like a pro so that your workflow processes become second nature.

Course overview:

Certificate of Course Completion Provided at Conclusion of Course.
In this 2-day training session, you won’t just explore the value of efficient product content synchronization. You will gain real-time, instructor-led practice session and troubleshooting time to help you address immediate content errors, instill confidence in your commerce activities, and drive product sales and brand loyalty.

Learning takeaways:

  • Gain guidance on mandatory versus optional product attribution
  • Learn how to simplify complex hierarchies
  • Flexibly adapt product content to multiple retailer requirements to increase product sales
  • Increase consumer loyalty and engagement through message choreography that empowers your product content information

Walk away with:

  • A digital badge issued via Credly upon course completion and an 80% test score
  • A post-session hour of complimentary, customized one-on-one implementation guidance tailored to the needs of your organization
  • A complimentary seat at the next Load Sheet (FUSE) training class

All for a valuable package price of $999! ($1500 worth of training)
Have a co-worker or industry peer who would also benefit from the value of this training? Take advantage of additional seats at a discounted rate. (Please designate 1 team member from your organization to sign up for multiple seats to reflect discounted rate at checkout).

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Meet the Experts:

Cristina Macias is the Director of Implementation Services for 1WorldSync

Cristina Macias Amador | Director, Implementation Services | 1WorldSync
Cristina Macias has 20+ years of experience implementing data sources and recipients on 1WorldSync solutions. She has extensive experience as an Implementation Manager coaching customers of all verticals on the 1WorldSync Item Management application, Spreadsheet Load Tool, FUSE, and on the 1WorldSync XML messages. As a veteran on the Implementation Team, she is an authority on understanding data synchronization from all aspects, including synchronizing with GS1 Canada and FDA. As a Foodservice expert, she has worked directly with Foodservice distributors and suppliers. As Director of Implementation Services, Cristina has played a vital role in developing and delivering high touch implementation services as well as education and training to 1WorldSync customers.

Monica Crown, 1WorldSync

Monica Brown-Crown | Implementation Manager| 1WorldSync
Monica Brown-Crown  is well-versed in data synchronization, with more than sixteen years of experience as an Implementation Manager with 1WorldSync. She has a vast background supporting data sources and data recipients through their implementations. Monica has been a vital resource in troubleshooting and supporting 1WorldSync customers and is a regular presenter on the “Item Management Overview and Q&A” webinar. Her strong technical background has proven instrumental during many GDSN® implementations.

Debbie Rea-Erickson | Implementation Analyst | 1WorldSync
Debbie has been training, supporting, and listening to 1WorldSync customers for more than 19 years. She has extensive knowledge about the usability and functionality of the 1WorldSync platform. Her experience includes customer service, troubleshooting technical issues, implementation support, quality assurance testing, along with developing and designing customer education & training curriculum and program materials. Debbie has expertise on supply, distributor and demand side implementations, along with Data Loading and Maintenance and Image Capture services. She has a passion for teaching & training and is delighted to be a regular presenter for the monthly webinars hosted by our Education & Training Team.