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As a result of the pandemic, did you know that 9 in 10 shoppers will NOT go back to exclusively shopping in stores for items they started buying online?

Not only is e-commerce adoption accelerating, consumers are demanding a richer experience from brands and retailers alike across all channels. Whether it is to shop online, buy in-store, or both, quality product content is an entry-level requirement to stand out from the crowd and retain customers.

What is quality e-commerce product content from the consumers’ perspective? How should brands respond? What tools are essential in order to succeed?

Join us in this 30-minute session as we unveil newly published consumer research and discuss the five trends that will shape your e-commerce product content decisions going into 2022.

Featured Speakers

TJ Waldorf 1WorldSync headshot
TJ Waldorf
Vice President, Marketing & Customer Success

Randy Mercer 1WorldSync headshot
Randy Mercer
Vice President, Global Product Management