Mastering Product Content Orchestration

Mastering Product Content Orchestration

Before reaching consumer’s eyes, product content touches multiple departments that must work in concert with each other for maximum impact in a competitive market.

What does it take to make sure your organization’s product content is accurate, consistent and relevant everywhere commerce happens?

Product Content Orchestration is a strategic system for harmonizing the people, processes, and product assets that enable organizations to sell more in every channel.  

In this keynote webinar, 1WorldSync’s Randy Mercer, Chief Product Officer, will share: 

  • Orchestration challenges shared by organizations of all sizes and verticals, and tactics for solving them 
  • The four levels of Product Content Orchestration Maturity and a checklist for assessing where your organization sits  
  • 1WorldSync’s vision for helping organizations large and small — including brands, retailers and distributors – master their product content orchestration strategies.  
  • Additional resources and a new  calendar of free-to-attend summer workshops on content creation, management, delivery and optimization