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What You Need to Know About the May 20 GDSN Release

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Attention master data professionals and Item Management users: On May 20, 2023, a large GDSN release (v3.1.23) will be officially live in Item Management.  

Join 1WorldSync’s Sr. Director of Global Data Strategy, Scott Brown, to learn about the most impactful changes and the actions you may need to take now.  

The May release will provide community-approved updates, as well as a few non-backward compatible changes, including:

  • Renaming of the Textile Material attributes to remove the word and reference to “Textile”
  • Merging Package Size, Trade Item Nonpackage Size and Nonpackage Size attributes into one group
  • Moving the Nutritional Claim and Health Claim attributes into a new Claim attribute group
  • Adding consumer facing standard attributes