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Your End-To-End Authority for Supply Chain Data

Maintain, verify and synchronize accurate GDSN supply chain data while strengthening your e-commerce network.

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Supply Chain Data features

Unbeatable supply chain data management for your modern operation

Superior accuracy + value

Our Product Information Management system is built to GDSN standards, with automated processes to aggregate and validate your data.

Supply chain data optimization tools

Stay ahead of changes and retailer requests to remain a trusted partner and cement long-term relationships.

Compliance + support

Rely on our platform and professional services team for relevant support in a constantly shifting supply chain data management ecosystem.

Support + training

We onboard your supplier communities, then serve as a continual source of support.

As your supply chain data responsibility evolves, so do the possibilities for content to provide value — or for inaccuracies to affect your profitability.

When your data is siloed or if you grapple with a lack of clarity around changes to content expectations, regulations or business processes, you’re hardly set up to efficiently maximize your profits.

Because 1WorldSync manages the world’s largest GDSN data pool, we act as a conduit for accurate, seamless supply chain data sharing. The result? A simplified way to aggregate, validate and distribute reliable data to all your necessary channels and partners from one secure place.

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A single source of accurate content

Modern supply chain success hinges on increasingly complex rich media and content. When all your assets flow from a single supply chain data management system, you rest assured the information shared with e-commerce partners and digital systems is accurate, high quality and up to date.

  • Preserve brand integrity with current logos and imagery
  • Integrate seamlessly across technologies and distribution channels
  • Maintain GS1 and governmental compliance
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Aggregation, validation + communication — unified

GS1 standards ensure supply chain data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and follows universally supported specifications. But compliance doesn’t happen by accident; your employees can expend serious effort making sure your content meets guidelines. Our streamlined systems provide a reliable path to aggregation, validation and communication.

  • Reduce syndication costs via our all-in-one tool
  • Create greater efficiencies among your supply chain data sources
  • Maintain consistency throughout all e-commerce vendors
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Access + security in one place

While a wide variety of vendor partners in your syndication network need access to your supply chain data and content, there are far more parties who don’t. Our secure tools ensure an accurate, complete, updated flow of content to everyone who needs it — and protection from everyone else.

  • Safeguard your supply chain data
  • Avoid retailer and regulatory fines
  • Maintain 24/7 content access to vendors
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Eliminate manual data entry + avoid human error

It’s nearly impossible to ensure supply chain data accuracy when information and requirements are managed manually. Automated syndication tools not only eliminate costly errors, they save your teams headaches and free up valuable time.

  • Apply content rules and formats based on up-to-date vendor requirements
  • Only distribute trusted, brand-verified product content
  • Synchronize master supply chain data between disparate systems

Our customers, our community

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