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McLane Grocery

McLane Grocery

GDSN® Initiative

The McLane Company, Headquartered in Temple, Texas, distributes products for approximately 3,500 suppliers and services to more than 60,000 customer locations around the world. As a distributor, McLane Company plays the role of both a data recipient and a supplier when synchronizing product data.

McLane Company relies on the Global Data Synchronization Network™- certified data pool to synchronize data and improve data accuracy with trading partners. McLane Company is requesting that its suppliers utilize the GDSN® to synchronize their products with the McLane Company. This will enable its suppliers to quickly and efficiently exchange valuable product data that is accurate and compliant with universally supported GS1 System standards.

McLane Company uses GDSN® data to drive its new item introduction process; the Product Introduction portal to “top off” the data with attributes such as cost and distribution centers that are being supplied. This data is being fed into many internal systems within the McLane Company.


Role of 1WorldSync

McLane Company is now partnering with 1WorldSync and its customers on two exciting initiatives: data synchronization through the GDSN® and the introduction of new items through the 1WorldSync Product Introduction solution. By using these two solutions together, McLane Company will be further enhancing the supply chain process through the true synchronization of its complete business data.

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McLane Grocery
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