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Supercharge Your Digital Shelf and Sell More!

Essendant has teamed up with 1WorldSync Content Solutions to provide highly visible brand content for mobile and desktop experiences that will inform and engage buyers on Essendant’s reseller ecommerce sites.

Essendant’s new interactive content offering:

  • Prominent placement
  • Interactive hotspots
  • Image zoom
  • Videos
  • 360° product views
  • Detailed reporting

Tap into Essendant’s reseller network to extend the reach of your current digital brand assets.

Essendant’s new interactive content offering:

Transform your existing marketing assets into powerful digital merchandising tools that increase interaction rates by up to 50%. Research shows that consumers are 100-150% more likely to buy after interaction with rich content.

Drive sales by displaying lifestyle imagery with multiple products and interactive hotspots.

  • Showcase related products
  • Visualize real use
  • Encourage add-on sales

The 1WorldSync Content Solutions’ Advantage

  • Interactive customer engagement
  • Responsive design
  • Fast turn-around
  • Real-time editor

Affordable, web-ready product images

1WorldSync Image Capture Service, generates high-quality, complete product images. Features include:

  • Shots compliant with GS1 U.S. Standards Initiative
  • 360-degree spinset, multiple static images, to create a fluid interaction and spinning appearance, like a flipbook
  • Weights and dimensions data capture
  • Data collection for product height, width and depth
  • Mass uploading of product data, including images
  • Images formatted, uploaded and delivered to 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

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