Discover the Latest Trends in Consumer Behavior

The 2023 1WorldSync Product Content Benchmark is here. This report underscores the building blocks of consumer trust in a shifting digital marketplace: brand and user-generated content and the need for seamless digital experiences as the line between digital and physical retail merge.

Report Highlights:

  • The power of product reviews: As few as 4-5 unfavorable reviews can deter nearly half (43%) of potential consumers.
  • Pre-shopping research: On average, shoppers conduct product research 61% of the time before each trip – up from 49% in last year’s report.
  • Why shoppers buy or click away: The top PDP features that cause consumers to click buy if they’re detailed or click away if they’re lacking are: product descriptions, images and reviews.
  • The impact of returns: 48% of consumers will stop shopping from a brand after making two to three returns, with more than half of shoppers citing misleading or poor product content as the reason fueling their returns.

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