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Confidently create, source, manage, syndicate and analyze omnichannel product content with our industry-leading technology and services. The result? Authentic, personalized commerce experiences that drive more sales for brands and retailers.

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Who we are

Your End-to-End Product Content Solution Partner

Accurate product content is the key to unlocking commerce success.

Supported by deep GDSN experience, 1WorldSync provides the tools, access and relationships to take advantage of the most current, most complete information in today’s complex, data-driven world.

Content Providers

Content Recipients

Verify standard compliance, stay ahead of regulations and join our supportive, innovative GDSN community.

Content Recipients

Content Providers

Ensure cross-touchpoint brand integrity, streamline content management and gain support for both troubleshooting and growth.

What we do

The tools and expertise to level up your product content experience

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Connect your content with the world

Gain total control over your product content syndication with straightforward tools that ensure GS1 and government compliance, protect content quality and automate the entire process.

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Create, capture and enrich your product content

Reduce time-to-market and lower your barriers to product launch with specialized tools that handle the heavy lifting.

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Content management for an automated world

Eliminate manual processes, preserve your brand integrity and boost your e-commerce sales conversions with the ability to manage every digital asset simply and seamlessly.

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A single source of truth for your product information management

Maintain complete, secure data, validate against your workflows and business rules, and ensure accessibility for the most consistent e-commerce experience.

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A product portfolio that moves with your sellers

Instantly access complete, accurate product information, customize your buyer experience and eliminate physical sales literature to modernize your sales team.

Our customers, our community

Challenge Dairy and 1WorldSync

Challenge Dairy enlisted 1WorldSync, the leading provider of trusted content, to mobilize their product content and reach buyers in a new way. They implemented the 1WorldSync’s Digital Catalog solution to go digital, sell everywhere and deliver content efficiently.

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Reynolds was faced with the challenge of decommissioning an existing PIM solution that would no longer be supported. They enlisted the help of the 1WorldSync Professional Services team, whose best-in-class product content management strategy and wealth of expertise would support…

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Medical device manufacturer, Arthrex, implements Innovit PIM and 1WorldSync Data Pool to submit product data to FDA GUDID and other global recipients.

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Why 1WorldSync

Uniting Global Commerce — Building a More Confident Industry — Together

When you partner with 1WorldSync, you join a passionate group of like-minded professionals. We’re working together to bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers, and facilitate a more harmonious relationship and better business outcomes.


Your end-to-end commerce solution

Consolidate your vendors, content management and professional development in one place.


The resources to turn goals into wins

Gain the proactive support of our dedicated customer teams.


One Data Pool

Access the world’s largest — and most trusted — GDSN data pool.

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Train and onboard to hit the ground running

Rely on our community enablement team to set your supplier community up for success.


Accuracy you can stake your company on

Gain unmatched confidence in your data pool completeness.


A meeting of the minds

Collaborate with industry leaders to improve global data practices.

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