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We’re Proudly Uniting Global Commerce

Billions of data points. One seamless solution. At 1WorldSync, we’re working together to unite global commerce to confidently create, manage and exchange product content.

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About 1WorldSync

The data pool access, platform and support to advance the future of commerce


1WorldSync overview

We’re forging the future of product content management

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Two data pools become one

In 2012, data pool providers 1SYNC and SA2 WorldSync merged to form 1WorldSync, uniting disparate market segments to become the world’s largest GDSN data pool.

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Our promise to you

We’re dedicated to uniting global commerce to confidently create, manage and exchange product content.

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Building a better data world, together

While our customers and partners come from varied backgrounds and industries, our community is committed to advancing the accurate exchange of data.

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Support at every touchpoint

Your relationship with 1WorldSync goes beyond technology. We provide 24/7 global tech support and access to a 90-day dedicated onboarding analyst.

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Where we’re headed

At 1WorldSync, we’re striving to serve as the undisputed leader in the product content space. We’re evolving our platform to meet a pressing need for high-quality, accurate product content, delivered at speed and at scale.


Our partners

Powered by our global partner network

Our trusted network of expert partners are a critical piece of the 1WorldSync family. They’re the reason we’re able to support your global product information management needs as they expand and evolve.

We work hand-in-hand with our technology partners, including enterprise software providers, data capture firms, system integrators and product information management providers, to create strategic, holistic product data and publishing software and solutions.

Our customers, our community

Europe’s largest electronic retailer increases sales by €132M in 2021 alone with Swogo, a 1WorldSync company.

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Four-year partnership with 1WorldSync allows RxSugar®’s internal team of six to seamlessly scale operations to 25,000 retail stores.

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Parts Town and 1WorldSync’s 10-year partnership has led to 265,000 360-degree spin images and 30% conversion rates. Read this case study to learn more.

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1WorldSync Careers

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