5 Features of E-Commerce Product Detail Pages We Love and Why

April 27, 2022

5 Features of E-Commerce Product Detail Pages We Love and Why

Product detail pages (PDPs) drive your online sales. Optimizing your pages is key in order to achieve your objectives. 1WorldSync’s team has compiled a list of the top five components of e-commerce product detail pages. Below we walk through these components and explain how they’ll help you make the most of your PDPs. 

How to Stand out in a Sea of Content

Many brands, businesses, and retailers are presenting enough content to incentivize consumers to add products to their cart. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end there. Our research shows that 80 percent of the time, shoppers abandon carts due to poor product content. 

The key to decreasing cart abandonment rates and landing sales? Compelling content. 

According to 1WorldSync research, the majority of consumers who abandon their carts do so because they didn’t see enough content to solidify their purchase decision. And of the 20 percent of shoppers who do make a purchase, many aren’t satisfied with their purchase because of unmet expectations due to a lack of product data. About 60 percent of shoppers who have returned an online purchase blame poor content for their returns. 

The data makes it obvious that accurate, engaging, and informative content is crucial to increasing your conversions and reducing your return rates. In the same study referenced above, we found that shopper conversions increased 36 percent with the presence of rich content on product display pages. Investing in the right content showcases your product and provides a better experience for the consumer.   

But what is the “right content”? Our team narrowed down the five essential elements of effective e-commerce product detail pages. Read on to discover the types of content that drives consumers to click “buy now.” 

Extensive Image Gallery 

Rich content is an essential component of your product display pages This is true of any product you’re selling online, including CPG or food and beverage items. 

An extensive image gallery full of quality, informative graphics allows the consumer to learn everything they need to know about your product in a quick, consumable manner.

When composing your image collections, include galleries both above and below the fold. This gives consumers the opportunity to consume product data, break and scroll down, then learn more. Having product photography and graphics above and below the fold provides shoppers with an abundance of product data that empowers them to make informed, confident purchase decisions, and you reach them at every stage of product data consumption. 

Leverage 360-degree Photography 

Your product photography is the only visual product information potential customers can access. Today’s shopper researches, compares, and buys through online channels. They don’t have the opportunity to go in-store to hold your product in their hands and examine it as they would have just a few years ago. 

For this reason, you as the brand or retailer must do everything in your power to provide an informed buying experience for your shoppers. 

360-degree photography provides a complete view of your goods to the user. 1WorldSync’s spin image capture allows shoppers to view the product from all angles. 360 images can be placed above the fold as well as interspersed throughout your content to increase customer engagement with these powerful images. 

Tell Your Brand Story with Inline Content 

When it comes to CPG and food and beverage, many consumers are readily informed of a product. Consumers don’t require imagery to learn about the features of a food item. Take Coca Cola as an example. As the most recognizable brand in the world, Coca Cola doesn’t have to convince new shoppers to try their product. Instead, they tailor their marketing efforts to remind consumers of why they want to buy their product. 

This is the goal of a brand story: to make an emotional connection that leads to conversions. Your inline content allows you to communicate who you are, why you do what you do, and why consumers should choose your brand and products. 

Users shop with logic, but they also make purchase decisions based on emotion. Brand storytelling cultivates a connection with the user and compels them to move toward purchase. 

New Capabilities with Augmented Reality

Because consumers have shifted their shopping habits from in-person to online, brands must find new meaningful ways to engage with users. Augmented reality technologies provide immersive experiences to shoppers that allow them to imagine how a product can change their lives for the better. 

Augmented reality gives shoppers an accurate representation of a product even without the option to hold the product in their hands. Many AR applications are done via a consumer’s mobile device, providing image display through the device’s camera. This allows them to see how products might look in their space and how they might utilize a product in their own home or with their own hands. 

AR makes virtual products personal, which increases the likelihood of purchase.

Show Off All Your Features with Hotspots

Interactive content effectively catches the attention of your consumers and provides meaningful engagement. Hot spots on your product graphics allow users to interact with your site, your pages, and your products. 

Hotspots provide product feature information that users click on and engage with. You can communicate the same information in a block of text, but the interactivity offered by hotspots lets users play an active role in feature discovery, which keeps them engrossed in your products and can increase their product information recall when the time comes for them to make a purchase decision.

Hotspots also provide unique opportunities for cross selling. When you incorporate hotspots in your images, consumers can explore different products that they might not have originally considered in their product research. This is especially effective when utilized in lifestyle images. This type of content allows shoppers to envision how they will use your product, and it exposes them to other products you offer that might be relevant to them or work in tandem with your other goods. 

Executing Your E-Commerce Product Detail Pages 

At 1WorldSync, we know the value of quality rich product content and what it brings to the table for your e-commerce efforts. Our team provides image capture services as well as the resources and tools to implement the above components in your product detail pages. From 360-degree images to AR capabilities to hotspot features, 1WorldSync’s suite of tools and services empower you to create PDPs that convert.

Utilizing 1WorldSync’s data synchronization and disbursement tools, you can ensure you’re publishing accurate, up to date, consistent product content through all platforms. 1WorldSync’s ContentCast data synchronization helps you achieve consistent outcomes across channels. 

Our solutions offer the following benefits for e-commerce PDPs: 

  • Decreased lead times to list online
  • Consistent listing styles
  • Greater vendor control over PDPs content 

Let us make your content creation and delivery seamless, immediate, and effective with our content synchronization solutions. 


The 1WorldSync team specializes in empowering our clients to make the most of their online presence. Contact us today so our experts can empower you to attract customers, tell your story, and grow your sales.