Essential E-Commerce Content Tactics for Health & Beauty Brands in 2024

February 20, 2024

Essential E-Commerce Content Tactics for Health & Beauty Brands in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and beauty retail, mastering online content strategies is paramount for brands aiming to stay ahead in 2024. As consumer shopping habits continue to shift towards digital platforms, brands face the challenge of meeting customers where they are and seamlessly integrating in-store experiences with the digital shelf. 

This blog post delves into the essential e-commerce content tactics that health and beauty brands must embrace to thrive in this dynamic market. From leveraging augmented reality and artificial intelligence for virtual try-ons to prioritizing sustainability and harnessing the power of social proof, these strategies are geared towards enhancing customer engagement, driving conversions and fostering long-term brand loyalty. 

Join us as we explore the key strategies that will shape the e-commerce success of health and beauty brands in 2024.


1. Approaching Health and Beauty Content with an Omnichannel Vision


The biggest challenge for brands in the health and beauty space is adapting to evolving consumer shopping habits. In the past, these brands capitalized on the in-person experience. Shoppers could handle products, compare other brands and even color match against their skin. 

But retail has changed. Omnichannel commerce is the way forward for every market, including health and beauty. Brands must deliver in-store experiences to shoppers browsing brick-and-mortar aisles and the digital shelf – often simultaneously. 

Your product content affects every interaction with the consumer on every channel where they shop. Recent research from 1WorldSync found that 35% of consumers switched from in-store to online shopping for beauty and cosmetic products for the first time last year. Consumers are making the switch to e-commerce for their health and beauty products. Are you meeting them there? Your product detail pages provide an avenue to engage, educate and build trust with your target audience, helping increase your sales. 

1WorldSync provides the tools required to optimize your content and maximize your revenue everywhere you sell.


2. Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Virtual Try-On 


When done well, e-commerce product content can be the difference between a satisfying customer experience and an increase in your return rate. Augmented reality applications allow shoppers to thoroughly understand your product, including how they will look and feel when wearing or using it. 

Virtual try-ons give shoppers confidence when choosing your products. There’s no more guesswork involved. For example, many cosmetic brands employ AI-powered foundation matching to provide accurate shade recommendations based on the user’s skin tone from a selfie analysis. 

When shoppers stick to online cosmetic purchases, getting it right the first time is key to customer satisfaction and reduced return rates. Implementing AR and AI-driven technology into your e-commerce platform allows you to deliver an in-person experience in a digital retail space. 

Building AR and AI applications into your content strategy means shopping is more convenient, selections are more accurate, and customers enjoy a better overall experience with your brand, which leads to higher sales and an increased lifetime value.


3. AI-Driven Algorithms for Hyper-Personalization 


AI-driven algorithms have revolutionized how beauty brands approach product recommendations. Hyper-personalization delivers the right product and messaging at the right time, helping you secure the sale. 

Today’s shoppers expect personalization, even as they embark upon the buyer’s journey from behind a screen. By analyzing extensive customer data, like browsing history and preferences, and factoring in skin type, tone, hair type and style, these algorithms can help brands curate tailored recommendations that enhance the shopping experience. Optimizing your product content strategy for personalization allows you to target ready shoppers and put relevant products in front of them. 

Utilizing AI-guided personalization tools allows you to engage shoppers with products they care about at the ideal stage in their buyer’s journey. 


4. Highlighting Sustainable and Clean Beauty Initiatives 


Consumers vote with their wallets. This is truer than ever in an age of increasing awareness surrounding sustainability, ethics and “clean” products. 

A recent survey from McKinsey found that 60% of respondents said they would pay more for sustainable packaging. A study by NielsenIQ determined that nearly 80% of US consumers value a sustainable lifestyle. More research found that products making environmental, social and governance (ESG) related claims averaged a 28% cumulative growth over the last five years compared with 20% for products that made no such claims. Bottom line: consumers value sustainability, and they will pay for it. 

Health and beauty brands must prioritize these consumer preferences in production and highlight those practices in their PDP content. Including certification badges for sustainable and ethical practices and meeting clean standards showcases your commitment to these endeavors. Curate product descriptions to center these aspects of your products. 

Your e-commerce content allows you to promote the product attributes that are most important to you and your customer base. Capitalize on your commitment to sustainable, clean product lines and you’ll attract shoppers willing to pay for them.


5. Social Proof that Maximizes Conversions


Nothing impacts online purchases more than social proof: 93% of shoppers say this content directly affects whether they buy a product. As such, ratings and review management must be a core component of your e-commerce content strategy, especially in the health and beauty market. 

PowerReview’s 2023 Ratings and Reviews Report found that this retail category boasted an exceptionally high volume of reviews, with an average of 508 reviews for each brand selling on Amazon. The same report found that products with more than 500 reviews saw a 92% jump in conversions, highlighting the centrality of reviews in strategic product content strategy.

It’s not enough for brands to have reviews; having quality, verified reviews at the right volume is critical. When optimized, reviews are a powerful tool that can expand your reach and accelerate sales.  

Through PowerReviews, 1WorldSync helps you make the most of your PDPs and positions your brand for success on the digital shelf. Our solutions allow you to 

  • See and streamline reviews across multiple products, brands and retailers 
  • Understand the complexities and significance of each review
  • Address and improve issues relating to product reviews across multiple retailers and brands 
  • Understand brand and product sentiment 
  • Do more with powerful benchmarking analytics

A ratings and review management program provides timely insights and actionable guidance critical to driving revenue across your PDPs.


6. Prioritizing Visual Content


Optics are everything in this market. Visuals matter, from how your product makes people look to how you present it on your PDPs. 

Capturing all angles of your products gives shoppers a complete understanding of what to expect when they click “buy.” They count on brands to deliver a high volume of visual content to evaluate and compare products before purchase: 58% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if the PDP boasts ample, high-quality imagery. Conversely, 52% will immediately leave a PDP with poor imagery. 

1WorldSync provides image capture solutions that showcase your health and beauty products in the best light. Our 360-degree spin photography enhances the consumer’s experience with your brand, establishing greater purchase confidence while differentiating your brand from everyone else vying for your sales. 

Spin imagery engages your shoppers, educates them regarding your product and moves them toward purchase. It allows them to better understand what they’re buying, which reduces return rates and improves customer satisfaction, resulting in a higher customer lifetime value. Partnering with 1WorldSync for image generation allows you to highlight product features and stand out from the competition with images you can optimize for SEO results. 

Product imagery can’t be an afterthought to your e-commerce content strategy. Centering product visuals is a content tactic that allows you to enhance discoverability and improve customer sentiment simultaneously. 


Build Your E-Commerce Content with 1WorldSync


Navigating the health and beauty e-commerce world requires a strategic approach to content that resonates with today’s consumers. By embracing omnichannel strategies, harnessing the power of emerging technologies, prioritizing sustainability and leveraging social proof, brands can elevate their online presence and drive meaningful engagement that results in sales. 1WorldSync delivers the solutions you need to make this happen.  

Contact our team today to learn more about how 1WorldSync can help your brand optimize its e-commerce content and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.