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Give your product data a voice!

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Do you remember SoLoMo? The first time I heard this bulky term was  2011. SoLoMo is an acronym and represents Social, Local and Mobile. It describes the new imperative in the user-experience design of apps at the time. Every single digital building block, whether intended for B2B or B2C applications, has since been trimmed to its suitability in social, local and mobile aspects. The technologies of digital devices have evolved. We urgently need to add the term VoFi to SoLoMo. The acronym would stand for Voice First.

VoFi would also be an urgently needed paradigm for the provision of product information. In the digital age, it is simply not enough to provide classic product information such as text, numbers, and images. The current status quo serves – still – the classic B2B backends excellently, but fails due to modern B2C requirements.

Voice First may sound strange or even funny to many readers. Brand manufacturers should pay careful attention to what Alexa, Siri, and all the other digital chatterboxes tell consumers about their valuable brand and products. Product data and information from the original source play the main role. In case of doubt, the language assistants will say what the device manufacturer or skill developer is pretending for lack of product data.

Only a few customers have approached 1WorldSync for access to product information suitable for language assistants. I’d be curious to know if dialogue-ready language data should become a core component of product master data? Or simply ask: “ALEXA, has VoFi already arrived at our company?