Guide to Preparing Product Content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Commerce

October 20, 2022

Guide to Preparing Product Content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Commerce

No days are better known for a shopping frenzy than the Friday and Monday following Thanksgiving each year. Nearly 155 million Americans shopped on Black Friday 2021, 88 million of whom shopped online, according to research by SpendMeNot. Nearly 43% of sales on Black Friday last year took place on mobile phones and online shopping sales hit $8.9 billion. Each year millions of people flock to storefronts, camping out on sidewalks and skipping sleep to get the best holiday deals. But it’s clear that shopping trends continue in the omnichannel. Now, shoppers take to their smartphones from home and in-store to compare prices, features and brands. A 2021 1WorldSync study found that even while actively shopping in-store, consumers are leveraging online product detail pages for more information on the products in front of them. This is amplified on Black Friday when shoppers are hyper-focused on the shopping experience and hunting for the best deal. 

It’s amplified further during Cyber Monday, the newer of the two commerce-focused days that takes place entirely online. In 2021, according to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday beat Black Friday spending by $1.8 billion.

Below we lay out our top tips for ensuring your product content is ready for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ensure Product Content Consistency

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday more than ever, it’s crucial that your brand’s product content is consistent across every channel a consumer interacts with it. It’s not enough to have a great in-store display or a social media ad. Brands need to prioritize their product content across their trading networks, online store, and brick-and-mortar presence. It’s crucial that a consumer looking for your product can find it, and its key differentiators, with ease. 

Offer an Irresistible Deal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are famous for significant discounts. To stay ahead of the competition this holiday season, your brand has to offer competitive pricing. Take time to understand the discount you can put on your products that will increase volume without decreasing your bottom line. 

Conduct market research to see how the industry has applied discounts in the past and what makes the most sense for your brand. Keep in mind that holiday pricing should attract new customers to your products, rather than just enticing your brand loyalists. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to expand your customer base and reach a new demographic. 

Promote Across Your Channels

No one will take advantage of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale if they don’t know about it. Promote your holiday discount everywhere your consumers are. Whether that’s out-of-home, social media or print ads, you have opportunities across channels to bring your brand to potential customers looking for a deal. 

Leverage Product Bundling

A great way to increase your average order size (AOV) and in turn, your bottom line, is to leverage a product bundling solution. By suggesting a complementary item to a shopper with your product already in their online cart, you can increase that sale significantly. Make sure that your product bundling solution suggests compatible products that will enhance the shopper’s experience. This will lead to greater AOV and brand loyalty

Lead with High-Quality Content

The quality of your product content informs the consumer’s experience with your brand, and on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, impressions are everything. Shoppers hunting for the best deal will quickly move on if your product content is insufficient.

1WorldSync’s recent report on consumer product content benchmarks found that content quality is a top factor for shoppers, even outweighing brand recognition in their purchase decision-making. A whopping 73% of consumers claim that low-quality content causes them to leave a product page or site.

However, quality content does the opposite. When you deliver an exceptional product content experience, you not only engage the consumer but you earn their trust. And earning trust is the first step in driving conversions. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching quickly and you need to prepare your product content now. Experience confident commerce with high quality, consistent product content and effectively promoted sales. The product content experts at 1WorldSync are available to help your brand excel in the omnichannel today. Reach out to learn how to take your product content to the next level just in time for the holidays.