How to Create a Scroll-Stopping E-Commerce Product Image Gallery

August 30, 2022

How to Create a Scroll-Stopping E-Commerce Product Image Gallery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your product photos should speak volumes. Product imagery is the most valuable tool in the online shopping experience. You have the opportunity to showcase your product accurately with robust images. The image gallery should feature different types of photos that highlight your product in informative ways. 1WorldSync’s recent E-Commerce Product Content Checklist highlights the value of your image gallery and how to leverage it. Below we explore the most effective image options for driving conversion.

Photo Quality

Product photography should be hi-resolution, professionally shot and edited. According to a 2021 1WorldSync study, the top contributing factor for returns is misleading or inaccurate product photography (58 percent). Customers seek informative, accurate product photos. By including various forms of media throughout your product detail page, you can increase conversions and decrease returns. 

Types of Imagery to Include

Hero Imagery

The image gallery gives you an opportunity to highlight multiple images, angles and features. Taking advantage of this opportunity will increase traffic and sales. Your gallery should feature a hero image of your product. This is the first photo a customer sees on your webpage and it sets the tone for how they will view your product. 

Hero image


After your hero image, there is an opportunity to include various forms of media within your image gallery to give your customers the whole picture. A short product video is a great piece of media to include to break up static imagery and tell a richer story. 

Scale & Lifestyle Imagery

Product photography should be informative and diverse. Include scale images to give customers an idea of the size of your product, so they can ensure it fits into their life. For the same reason, a lifestyle photo is a great image gallery feature. Seeing how your product is used can help potential customers visualize themselves using it. This is also an opportunity to evoke emotion related to your product.

360-Degree Imagery

360-degree imagery is an image gallery game changer. 1WorldSync’s 2021 survey of online shoppers found that out of all image types on e-commerce product detail pages, 360-degree photography was ranked as most helpful to their purchase decisions. Additional research shows that brands and retailers adding 360-degree spin imagery to their product detail pages see their conversions increase by as much as 47 percent. 

360-degree image and product features

High-quality imagery doesn’t just look good, it provides valuable information to your customers. Online shoppers are constantly comparing products before purchasing. According to recent data, even while in-store, shoppers look online to make sure they are making the best purchase decision. To ensure that your product makes it into the cart, utilize your photography and elevate your products above the competition.

Imagery Compliance

In addition to being visually appealing, your product photos need to be compliant. The images you share must meet retailer style guide requirements and GS1 standards. This will not only streamline your internal processes but ensure that all the images shared across your own sites and retailer sites are consistent, so that no matter where a customer finds your product, they get the same story.


In an omnichannel world, your photos ARE your product. Looking for professional product photography? 1WorldSync’s world-class photo studio can capture images of any product! The 1WorldSync team can also set up shop wherever you and your products are.