Most Impactful Aspects of a Product Detail Page

September 21, 2022

Most Impactful Aspects of a Product Detail Page

The product detail page (PDP) houses all your product content on an e-commerce site and is the most thorough look a customer gets at your product. Your PDP makes or breaks your online sales. By taking advantage of each facet of this pivotal channel, you can stand out among your competitors and build brand loyalty. So what should a PDP include? Whether you’re a brand selling on a partner’s retail or marketplace site or managing your own e-commerce store, the experts at 1WorldSync break down the top five most impactful components of a PDP below. Read on to find out how to level up your product content and drive sales.

1. Photography

Product imagery is the most valuable tool in the online shopping experience. You have the opportunity to showcase your product accurately with robust images. The image gallery should feature different types of photos that highlight your product in informative ways. 

Imagery is crucial, given that recent research found that 58% of online shoppers who have made product returns blamed imagery that didn’t match the shipped product and 56% of shoppers say that high-quality imagery persuaded them to buy something they didn’t need. Leverage a professional photo studio to capture your product imagery to decrease your online returns and increase your sales. 1WorldSync experts dove into the importance of product photography and more in this recent E-Commerce Product Content Checklist.

In addition to being high-quality, your product photography should be informative. Include hero imagery, scale shots, lifestyle photos and user-generated content to showcase your product and all the different ways it can be used.

2. Rich Content

Beyond just imagery, your PDP gives you the opportunity to highlight your product in myriad ways. Rich content (also known as below-the-fold, enhanced, or A+ content) can level up your PDP and put you ahead of your competition.


Include video in your PDP to show product assembly or use. This rich media allows customers to get a fuller understanding of your product and how it fits into their lives. 

Hot Spot imagery

Hot spot imagery highlights product features within one interactive image allowing customers to see all your product can do. 

360-Degree Spin Photography

360-degree imagery shows every angle of your product in a dynamic format. 1WorldSync’s 2021 survey of online shoppers found that out of all image types on e-commerce product detail pages, 360-degree photography was ranked as most helpful to customer purchase decisions. Additional research found that brands and retailers adding 360-degree spin imagery to their product detail pages see their conversions increase by as much as 47 percent. 

3. E-Commerce Copy

Images are crucial, but they don’t tell the whole story of your product. Your PDP should also include concise, creative and conversion-driving e-commerce copy to win sales. Marketing copy can provide additional information about your background and products, connect with customers and propel your product toward a new and growing audience.

Ensure the copy included in your PDP describes your product clearly by highlighting its unique specs and features. You can break up long paragraphs of copy by including graphs that highlight product capabilities or by swapping long sentences out for a bulleted list.

Your e-commerce copy shouldn’t be hard to understand. Use language your customers are familiar with and avoid fanciful sentences and excessive jargon. Clearly understanding your product and its features helps customers make an informed decision. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) – driven copy can propel your product to the top of common searches and make your brand more discoverable to new customers. Leverage SEO within your e-commerce copy to include keywords your customers are searching for. SEO-driven copy brings your product to more customers and can break through the clutter of online shopping.

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial on your PDP. Research shows that 77 percent of consumers regularly read online product reviews when evaluating purchase decisions –– up from 60 percent in 2020. Allow for customers on your won direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites to leave reviews on your PDP so that new and returning customers can read about their experiences. For retailer partner e-commerce sites, ask your verified buyers to leave a review while thanking them for their business. Not only will this drive your sales, but it will also connect your brand to your customers and humanize the people behind the product. This can lead to increased brand loyalty when a customer feels connected to your brand.

Responding to customer reviews also helps elevate your brand and products. Customers wish to be heard and their compliments AND complaints deserve your team’s attention. Make sure to designate time to listen and respond to your customers.

5. Product Bundling Suggestions

Selling one product is a win, but how about multiple? Product bundling allows you to increase average order size (AOV) of a customer already purchasing from your PDP, which will drive more dollars to your bottom line from each transaction. 

When considering a product bundling solution for your e-commerce shop, it’s crucial to understand what bundling entails. When a customer is purchasing a laptop for example, and the e-commerce store they are shopping on suggests a laptop case that is the wrong size, more issues than solutions will occur. Incompatible bundling suggestions lead to at best fewer sales and at worst increased returns. Don’t lose costs associated with a return or leave money on the table with a poor bundling recommendation. 

Swogo, a 1WorldSync company, offers a product bundling solution that takes into account each facet of the customer’s experience. Swogo suggests products that are compatible with the product a customer is shopping for. This means that a customer purchasing a laptop on a site using Swogo will be given suggestions such as a compatible laptop charger from the same brand, a laptop case that fits the laptop in their online cart and other accessories like headphones or a mouse that would improve their laptop user experience. 

Product bundling is a huge opportunity for increased sales on your PDP. Take advantage of Swogo and increase your customer AOV consistently.


Your PDP holds all product content for your customers. Take advantage of all PDP features you can to share the story of your product and increase sales. The experts at 1WorldSync suggest investing first in photography services, rich content, conversion-driving copy, customer reviews and a product bundling solution. Each of these services are available through 1WorldSync. Take advantage of these solutions today and give time and energy back to your teams without losing out on sales. 

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